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Step kid not coming on a holiday with us.

We are off to Qld for a week in the holidays, my husband wanted to bring his 10yo son but his mum said no. This was a few months ago, this morning husband got a text saying she is away that week and we are having the boy, he said great will bring him too, but no we can't take him and she just expects that we will stay home. I'm not sure what to do as I think we can get in trouble if we take him interstate without her permission?


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Tell her she has 2 options, he goes on holiday with you or she has him for that week. And call a lawyer, I’m pretty sure holidays interstate are very different rules to if you were to move interstate.

You can’t get in trouble as it is his time. Unless stated in your order. Call legal aid or a free lawyer they’ll tell you that

Tell her the choice is either he goes on holidays with you, or she has to have him that week.

Just keep the texts about her initial refusal to let him go, and the latest basically dumping him on you. Also advise her that you are going on holiday that week and force her to either say "yes he can go" , or , if she says "no", or not a clear "yes", as the other responder advised say you are unable to take him that week as you have plans organised for months that she initially refused to let him be involved in.
If anything blows up during holiday, you then have the proof of what was arranged.
I wouldnt stay home.

 Always keep the messages. This is a smart answer.
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Sounds like hubby needs to grow a back bone. Shes an asshole

Depending on the text messages from the ex. If it was me, she asked you and your husband to care for HIS son. Pic up the boy, turn hubby's phone off and take your blended family on your vacation and enjoy yourselves. I would probably call a legal service - depending on your child custody agreement - but I'm sure you can holiday interstate but are not allowed to relocate interstate without permission. Definitely worth a phone call to someone in the legal profession for advice. Sounds like the ex is a right proper c unt!

You don't need her permission to take him interstate, take him and have a ball. Don't tell her anything. She sounds like a control freak.

Is he court ordered not to take him on holiday? If not then no worries, just go.