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Breatfeeding or not?

My third child: didnt breastfeed other two due to low milk supply and latching issues. I did express for 6 weeks and bottle fed.
Now my question is ; is it a big deal if i go straight to formula at birth? Im due in a few months.


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Both of my kids were straight on the formula!
They say breast is best but I got the bottle and went full throttle!

Haha I so funny

A well fed baby is best; don’t listen to anyone else apart from your own instinct.
I bf two and if I had a 3rd I don’t think I’d even want to go there as it was so emotionally draining and hard to wean and they didn’t ever take a bottle and demand fed so to be on hand all the time for over a year each was hard. Don’t care what anyone says, breast is great and all but do what’s right for you and family!! If your baby takes formula there is no harm in going straight for it.
All the best x

It is totally up to you. Personally I would try to give my baby any breast milk possible, but there are plenty of kids out there who have never had breast milk and they are just fine. Do what feels right for you.