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What is the worst physical pain you have ever been in?

Obviously labor and c-sections will come up abit, but apart from that I'd have to say mine is the symptoms I have from AS (ankylosing spondylitis) and a herniated disk in my back.


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I have AS too and the pain from this is unbearable. I have had 2 children, have been kicked by a horse and had ribs broken, had a tumor removed under local and could feel them burning it off and stitching me up because the local didn't work, and none of these even come close to the agonising pain in my spine, shoulders, and pelvis when I move. I would not wish this on my worst enemy.

 Unbearable at times isn't it, I think the worst part is it just didn't stop, you can't think it will be better tomorrow, or next week or even next month, never ending agony, I too would not wish it on anyone, I also pray everyday that I havnt passed it onto any of my 3 children, that would break my heart :(
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Miscarriage was a lot more painful than my labor and second getting hit by a car. Leg broken in two places and impaled head light glass in my back and head


-Being trodden on by a running horse and ripping my fingers open on a barbed wire fence at the same time, that one hurt.
-having four inches of glass window in my foot and then feeling the stitches go in because the local didn't work
-falling off of a moving vehicle on to gravel
- I was running around the yard while renovating the house and my other foot was impaled by on of those poles that go in to support those big bricks
- One dropped a can of dog food top side down on my big toe and it got infected really bad but my step parent refused to let me go to a doctor so I literally squeezed the puss and infection out. It spread to my knee.
-tore a muscle during a sport carnival as a teen and the boarding school nurse didn't believe it was that bad so I now have a permenant injury
- I also have arthritis in my spine due to farming accidents

So all in all, labour was nothing

My sympathies to the OP. My husband has AS and RA, it's mean.
My worst pain would be gall bladder attack with an impacted stone, and after C-section for my twins.

 Thank you, It is an awful desease, I hope your husbands is under controll (well as much as it can be :(
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The back, leg, hip, and ankle pain is the second. First would be getting stitches after my second, give me labour and birth over them again any day lol.

After my second caesarean I had to have an internal examination (inside my vagina) about 12 hours post op. Omg! I'm usually pretty good at holding in any pain because I dont want others to be uncomfortable or think I'm a pussy lol. But I couldn't with this. I pulled faces, I gripped the bars on the side of the bed, I clenched my teeth, breathed through it all and STILL couldn't hold it in. I ended up in tears and told him to stop.
Other than that, probably migraine pain is something I just can't handle. At all.

Kidney stones. Worse than csec, labor, teeth, migraine, getting my a*s beat down,....

Apart from childbirth,I would say Laser hair removal at the beginning of the treatment was extremely painful.

After three drug free natural births...the worst pain ever was a dislocated knee cap!

Though it sounds like nothing compared to these others, for me it was a wisdom tooth overdue to be pulled out and a close second for appendicitis. Ouch. Still cringe thinking about it.

My second labor with my daughter was the worst though. Trumps everything I've ever been through.

 The wisdom tooth is totally in this category, I had mine cut out and it was awful before and while it was healing!
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Breaking the bone at the top of my foot ! I've has 3 miscarriages and 2 labours but by far the worst pain was when I did my foot it made me cry :(

I had a pulmonary embolism. It was like having a knife in my ribs. Every breath i thought i would die and i was unable to lie down for almost a week. I slept on and off while sitting up in a fog of reoccurring pain.

I had back surgery and developed an infection in the site a couple of weeks later - I couldn't even roll over in bed and the ambos had to transport me face down. Horrendous pain and I've had 3 C sections

Apart from labor... getting a fishing hook stuck in my foot and having to ride my bike home before I could go to the hospital. And also, stacking it while rollerblading racing my brother, skinned both knees, both elbows and my face.
Not as bad as some people's but it's all I can remember