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How do you handle stress?


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It depends on the stress. Every day stuff that we all deal with I just deal. My zen time helps which is walking with my camera out in nature. Something big and unexpected, I cry.... I withdraw from life a bit when something is upsetting me. But I think about it I try to find ways of working through whatever is happening.

Not well, I snap I don't function physically or mentally

 That being said I'm a paramedic
Some areas is fine others not
My kids in certain situations is a bad trigger

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With kids I feel like my only mode is stress now.. and I can’t walk away from them they’re too little to understand mummy needs me time.. hell my house isn’t even big enough I’d have to go upstairs and they’d leave me for maybe 1 min!!!! So I just try and find a way to battle on.. and do my own things when I have help... although this doesn’t help I need a way of calming myself IN the stressful moments.... once I find a way I’ll let ya know ;)

 Same here! Everything you have written is me 😭
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 Hugs to you xxx
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I don’t eat.... going through separation, husbands affair and all that crap. I lost 25kg in 6 months. So not very well

 Better than stress eating. Its easier to exercise and build up muscle when you have got yourself back on track, than it is to lose weight.
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 I wouldn’t say stress eating is worse. Neither is healthy or helpful.
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Stress manifests as anger.

I manage it with high intensity exercise

Scream and cry is my go to haha.

I find when I'm really stressed I need to be alone for a bit. I usually have a hot bath and a long nap and kind of reset my mind a bit.