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Social distancing

How stupid how are some people not observing it
Today a man was nearly on top of me and when I moved up he kept moving and check out girl said please move to him and he said sorry to her


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People have become complacent and just don't care. I am always having to tell people to back the F off. Always when trying to pay at the checkout. Told one guy unless he was going to pay for my stuff, to step back lol.

 Love this
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 Yeah I think it is absolutely fine to speak up. I usually try to model it in queues and tell my kids loudly to keep their distance. It sucks that sometimes speaking up for what is right is considered uncool and ‘psycho/bad mood’ person, but I ignore it because after living overseas, I saw many value that speaking up is absolutely fine. If people can’t handle a proper conversation on it without having a meltdown or taking it personally, that is their issue and sign of immaturity
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Coughing is your friend, use it

 May do this also thanks!
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Nope not me I cross the road to avoid people when I go for a walk.

The virus isnt going away we need to learn to just deal with it

There is NO room at shops to socially distance. Especially my local woolies. One entrance which also is the exit atm. U walk in and are faced with self serve checkouts. There is a line or people blocking walk ways!
You cant distance.

 Go somewhere else or go early morning
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 Yeah i do
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I’ve noticed people becoming complacent too. I’ve got a natural “get the f**k out of my bubble” vibe that keeps most people back, but the amount of other people who stand right next to people in lines or who insist on standing right on top of each other annoy me. And don’t get me started on people who don’t think my children deserve their 1.5m bubble. There’s been a few times I’ve left my almost 13 year old at the checkout to unload the trolly while I run back and grab something only to come back to someone standing right behind her. Funnily enough they take a few steps back to the dots once I’m there.

I thought it ridiculous on holiday last week. People were pushing & shoving, no distancing. We switched to doing things in the afternoon & going to less touristy places in the morning.

As for checkouts, I had people so close they put the divider up right beside me and started unpacking their trolley, leaving me 10cm of space for a full trolley!! Then shot dirty looks when staff told them to step back (after I complained) and put something on the conveyor to stop it moving so at least had a bit of space!

I have had people standing very close in a shop queue, when I stepped forward I kept my leg back so they couldn't get closer.

Start coughing or fart. People tend to move back when I cough into my elbow. And nobody wants to stand in a stink cloud.

 Passive aggressive. I love it 😍
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