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is there a kindergarten teacher positions where the teacher gets paid school holidays?

my partner is a secondary teacher and we have been together for 7 years and it is always a task to be able to take holidays at the same time. (expect the week over Christmas). I have been thinking of studying to become a secondary teacher as my previous skills set and knowledge would cross over, but honestly, I think kindergarten teacher and new path really speaks to me. Also, do teacher aids get school holiday pay and whats the hourly rate? As that is a possible 3rd option too.


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Yes it's called an annualised rate. You take a lower rate, usually lower by about 2-3 dollars and you will be paid over the school holidays. I work in a sessional kindergarten (Vic) and that's how it works for me.

 Terrible pay though. Absolutely terrible. $22 an hour for a diploma position. But you can pick it extra shifts at other kinder with a higher pay rate. So if you're struggling for money I don't suggest what I do hahaha
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Permanent or fixed term teachers get paid over holidays, well they do in Tasmania anyway and they are made permanent after a certain amount of time working for the department. What state are you in? Maybe consider moving to a state whos education department has a better pay structure.

 Oh and no teacher aids don't get paid over holidays, but they do get annual leave like any other job
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 I’m an integration aide in Victoria and we definitely get paid school holidays. Hourly rate Isco about $26 an hour where I am
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 EA in WA and get paid through holidays. Even education department cleaners get paid through the holidays.
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If they are permanent they get paid every week, if only casual its just the hours worked.

 Teachers aide in WA is between 25-30 an hour roughly, depending on the type of aide and level.
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