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Avoiding post natal depression?

Answered 2 years ago

Can you avoid it or does it just hit you like a concrete wall?

I did all I thought I could do to avoid it. I went back to work when Bubs was 4 months old to keep my mind busy and feel like I was worth something. I took my medication. I tried to talk through my feelings. I tried to be organised in life so I didn’t feel overwhelmed.
I was so convinced that I could prevent it this time but here I am, with those familiar feelings of being out of control, emotional, worthless, a shit mother and my husband being better off without me.
I had it with my first two children and so wanted to avoid it this time.... Looks like it’s 3/3.

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2 years ago
Depression is a disease and no it cannot necessarily be avoided. There are lots of things you can do to lessen the severity of it though and it sounds like you are doing all of them and that is great. Hugs to you momma. I hope this dance with the black dog is a brief one xx

2 years ago
Oh sweetheart, that's rough. I can relate to what you're going through. Unfortunately, sometimes even our best plans go awry. As daunting as it is, have you spoke with a counsellor or therapist? My husband used to give me really shit advice like "go to the gym" "get out of the house for a while". And it really didn't help. Until one day I actually tried it. And shit, apparently trying (you don't have to commit to it forever) out the advice of others worked for me. Not just my husbands go to the gym stuff, but my psychologists "I want you to try X behaviour". Fuck me, turns out X behaviour was actually helpful.
Anyway, I suggest you try reaching out to a professional again. Medication isn't the cure, it's only a coping mechanism. The cure is reached by finding the core of the issue and dealing with that. For me it was loneliness. Since its been dragged to the front and picked apart, I've found more niche ways to cope, specific to my life. Good luck sweetie.