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Parenting Wins??

Answered 1 month ago

What do your children say or do that make you think "Thank God, I'm doing something right!"....My kids have great manners when we're out in public, they often get complemented on it. Makes me so proud, even though they can be turds at home πŸ˜‚

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1 month ago
I wanted a new shirt and after walking out of the supermarket I noticed Katie’s was open. So with a trolly full I left my boys to guard it while I wondered around. I walked out and an elderly man came over to me and said β€œI just want you to know how great your boys are. They are so well behaved and you should be very proud of them”. My heart exploded with pride.

2 months ago
I love it when my kids hug me infront of others and when they tell others I’m a good mum. Three teenagers.

2 months ago
Okay this might be a bit silly but ifeel that Australia is losing it's character when it comes to how we act. We copy what wsee on tv, so I'm a bit of a passionate Aussie and I'm proud of when they say Aussie sayings that i say in general speech. Eg They call each other drongo instead of idiot, one of my daughters says g'day mate to anyone lol. If they're sick they're crook as a dog, if something dies like a phone it's cactus. Just things like that. I just want some of or unique language to pass through to the next generation.
Ps I'm not a bogan, very far from it. I do however live in the bush so maybe that helps with my passion.