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Has anyone made the move from Victoria to Queensland?

Answered 1 year ago

Do you enjoy it more in Queensland? How was the moving process?

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1 year ago
I'm moved from Victoria to the sunshine coast two years ago.

My only regret is waiting so long.

Great weather, great lifestyle, great people.

It did take some getting used to shops and restaurants closing early and the slower pace but wouldn't have it any other way now

1 year ago
I did. Love it in QLD! I'm glad I made the move.

1 year ago
Melbourne to the Sunshine Coast, QLD is a million times better! One huge thing I notice now is how absolutely full of themselves people from Melbourne are 😬 I mean literally everyone lol I'm sure they have no idea how condescending and cocky they truly are because it's their normal... but after everyone being so laid back and friendly in Queensland it's a huge culture shock. The people here are just more wholesome and happy & I agree it's probably because of the weather and quality of life.

1 year ago
I did NZ to Queensland. There is always a bit of culture shock, but if you like a laid back lifestyle, sun all winter, more sun all summer, just throw yourself into the lifestyle you came here for, and learn to not get niggled about the things you miss.
Just make sure you get a house which has shade available in the garden, for summer.

Arriving here was like walking into heaven, especially the Gold Coast, and Sunshine Coast. I never regretted it for a minute. I live in Brisbane.

Moving is always a bit of a wrench, but you just have to make the most of what the new place offers.
At least you wont get teased endlessly about your accent !

I did a lot of work in Melbourne, and it always seemed so cold, grey and miserable down there. I am sure the weather affects peoples moods - sunny climate, sunny disposition.

As I grew up in NZ, I watched my mother, who was English, complain constantly about how much better everything was in England than NZ, and she never adjusted.
I swore I would never do the same.
It was very embarrassing.

1 year ago
I've done qld to vic and wish I'd never left.