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What do you think about The Teachers Union taking out a page in the WA newspaper today?

Answered 2 years ago

Im not sure if the union is representing the actual views and feelings of teachers or if they are on some other agenda. I have these weird feelings about it, makes me trust teachers less.

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2 years ago
I think it’s disgraceful, and i think people may get angry with teachers about it (unfairly). I think the union has just endangered teachers and made them less respectable. If i were a teacher id walk away from the union, and tell everyone i know that i disagree with them.

2 years ago
Unions have mostly become prices of shit, money hungry, greedy and power hungry clubs.

2 years ago
Initially I had a crap reaction to this too.. but then I read what the response was from the education minister: WA Education Minister Sue Ellery on Friday told 6PR Radio she was disappointed with the content of the advertisement as it was not an accurate description of the advice from the AHPPC.

"The advice has been from the beginning — and is now, because of the low risk of transmission — schools are safe for staff and students, and should stay open," Ms Ellery said.

They only cited social distancing- which has been absolutely covered by Scott Morrison, and it almost seemed like their advert was out of date, and redundant, not to mention manipulative of the statement. Based not this, I will be sending my children. In light of this and other sciences based support for opening schools. think the teachers are upset about the shift back to face to face and balancing this- but why not say this?! I see some private schools are now joining the party too...probably the communist block will start to break amongst them as they start feeling the pressure to follow eachother.

“ Hale School headmaster Dean Dell'Oro told Mix 94.5 Radio he also expected to see students back in the classroom“ "What's the alternative? The mental health issues are pretty clear, recent studies have suggested there's a lot of things that are going to happen if we don't connect socially, so the science is pretty important here."”

I have to agree there- I have put on so much weight!