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I wearing some I bought to wear after my c-section, the child is nearly 5! Though I put them away for a few years and got them out for another c-section that was 16 months ago.

All my undies are over at least 2 years old... I don’t wear undies often lol

Reminds me of a girl I know that was getting some kind of infection down there often, her doctor told her to throw out all her underpants and buy cotton and wash in hot water.
She was still wearing all the underwear she brought while pregnant (7 years before) some kind of stretchy non breathable material. She also slept in them, clean morning and night.
I couldn’t believe a doctor had to tell someone to buy new underwear 🤔

Marks and Spencer have fantastic quality underwear and both my husband and I buy lots when we travel to Asia where they have stores.

A month or so. I just went and brought some new ones as I realised all mine where too big for me, I brought them just after I gave birth over a year ago.

I bet you’re wanking off to the dirty undies, pervert!

 No. Just realised mine were over 5 yrs old and wondered about everyone else! I know what I'm getting myself for Christmas!
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