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Do you feel bad for giving a crappy present to family for birthday and or Christmas ?

I give nice presents and in return the person gives me chocolate from cheap
Please don’t mention money the other person has money


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Maybe if you lower your expectations and don’t give a gift to get something in return you won’t be disappointed.

How do you know the other person has money? Maybe their lifestyle has them in debt. Or maybe they just don’t like you much.

My brother and SIL spoilt all my family members at Christmas. I'd hate to think what they spent on each person. We had a strict budget though as although we have money, my husband gets no work for a month over that period and we need to be very careful with our money. Each year we have gotten better and better with preparing but we still don't buy expensive gifts. We usually splash out during the year on birthdays. I prefer thoughtful gifts.

 I should add that yes, I did feel guilty at Christmas and still do when I think about it. Which is not how it should be.
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