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What happens if you don’t claim your dog from the pound?

She is microchipped and I’m in NSW. I was planning on rehoming her anyway, so don’t want to pay pound fees to get her out then rehome anyway. And yes, yes I know I’m an awful person to “just give up on my poor fur baby, boo hoo hoo”.


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Please never get anymore dogs 🐕

OP Definitely won’t
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Sending a big hug
It happens a lot, mum gets pressured into getting a dog then left to bloody look after it, despite promising to look after it.

 Yep! That's where I'm at. I legit REFUSED to get a dog and was made out to be the biggest bitch because of it. Now we have 2 and I'm the only one that walks, feeds, waters etc

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Wow . Maybe she kept running away because you’re awful. I hope the little dog finds a nice new home .

OP Yes, I’m awful- bought her a new bed every time she shredded it and I had to clean in up, built a a sandpit and a mini deck for the front of her dog house, bought her countless toys, sat with her and patted her because no-one else would. Flea treated and wormed her. Bought her food and fed her. Saved the yummmiest food scraps for her. Cleaned up her shit. Cleaned up and replaced all the property of mine she damaged. Searched for her and advertised when she took off numerous times. Bailed her out of the pound more than once. Bought her a $300 special yard so she would stop escaping. Having pets should be beneficial for the owner and the animal, but this was all a one way street in her favour. She didn’t give two shits about me! (Oh but she was happy to shit on my back doormat for me to step in. Three years is long enough of a chance- I hope she finds someone to love, because it wasn’t me! So yes, I’m awful.
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Just tell the pound that you re-homed her ages ago and can't remember the new owners names.

Sounds like there is something wrong with the dog for it still to be behaving this way. Possibly from before you got her ?

Whoever gets her next will have to look at getting professional training help to manage her and her behaviour.
I adore dogs, but would not be able to tolerate that behaviour.
At 3 years old she should have grown out of shitting everywhere and shredding items

And running away is very difficult to change, but it is much more common among entire males than it is among females.
Is there a chance she has some dingo in her ? They are notoriously wild and difficult to train; not people oriented at all.

Dont feel guilty, you cant keep putting up with that behaviour.

Wow this is fu***d up.

OP Yeah, because no-one has ever surrendered a dog before. Unbelievable.....
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I'm not sure if you will get a fine. I had a dog that kept escaping, it cost a fortune every time she got out. She wasn't microchipped, I took off the rego tags and the next time I just left her there

She will do her time, if not claimed she can either be adopted from the pound, put to sleep or rescued by animal rescue groups

OP So I won’t be fined or anything?
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 You may face fines. I'm not sure. But if the pound rings you can say you don't want to reclaim her, and that you want to surrender her, and there may be a fee for that.
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 Are you more concerned about a fine than what will will happen to your dog? No, you won’t be fined. But if you were maybe less of this kind of thing would happen.
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OP Yes, I am. I got this dog after being begged and begged. It is not my “baby”. It shows me no love, at this point I just resent it. I wish her no harm and hope she finds another family, but I’ve spent enough money/ time on her trying to make her happy with us and it can’t be done.
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 She might not be your ‘baby’ but she isn’t a thing. It isnt her fault you dont want her. It’s not her fault you don’t love her. It will be your fault if the pound give her the needle though. It happens more than you think. The least you could do is try and find her a home rather than leave it to fate. Glad you don’t plan on getting another dog. You don’t deserve one.
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 God I hope you cop a fine. A nice big one.
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Please don’t have anymore kids

 Do you not realise having a dog is different to having a child brenda?
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 ^she doesn't, because poor Brenda can't find anyone dumb enough to impregnate her 😂
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It’s a very sad situation, poor dog. I agree just call the pound and ask them to re-home her. hopefully they find a new family for her and she doesn’t get put down.

Why are you fertile?

OP How do you know that I am? Why does it matter, I didn’t give birth to the dog! 😂 Dogs are not children. I’ve never been the type to see them that way. I grew up on a farm where dogs were working animals. If they were no good, nipped a hand or mauled an animal, they got shot. Dogs are pets and in no way on the same level as a child or other human. If they were they wouldn’t be classed as property.
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I don't know about your pound, but my local one you go in, sign a piece of paper surrendering her to the council (ours also has a $20 hand over fee) they are then given 2 weeks to be adopted or the they are put down (could be sooner depending on space available). We have a wanna be rescue here run by 2 girls that go in and pays for all the dogs to get them out then they give them to non-kill shelters, but won't actually let people around town adopt them off them directly and wonder why they are going broke. They pay for it all out of their own pockets. Same as anyone puts a dog up for sale, they swoop in, spend hundreds to thousands to "rescue it" then ship it off to a shelter for nothing, rather then letting someone else who genuinely wants the dogs to take them.

 I know about it because I took my ex's dog to the pound after we broke up. He was sent to jail after he beat the crap out of me and I had said right from the beginning I don't want a dog, I don't like dogs and I won't be looking after a dog. But he got a dog anyway and I sure as hell wasn't looking after it after I finally got rid of him.
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 Just making a point of the women who take them out of the pound to give to non-kill shelters. They could possibly do it so the shelters can check on those who adopt them rather than doing it themselves. They may feel they are not capable of that sort of responsibility and if that is the case then they should be supported even more.
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Op- did you surrender the dog? Did you have to pay a fee? And did you get judged from them??

OP I called and said I wanted to surrender- had to pay a fee. She sounded pretty shitty about it.....
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 They always do. Where I live people who surrender their dogs get absolutes shamed, called horrendous things on Facebook from rescue groups and the public.
It shouldn't be this way at all

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OP I agree, that attitude stops people from wanting to do the right thing!
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 surrendering your dog to the pound is not doing the right thing. They probably got shitty because they know they have to home yet another abandoned dog. And very possibly have that dog put to sleep if they can’t rename it in a timely manner. The right thing to do would be you finding her a home. Not leaving it to someone else.
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 She's trying to do the right thing. Many people have done cruel things to get rid of dogs they don't want/ are unable to keep.
OP is being responsible and humane.

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OP If I rehomed her
1. I wouldn’t feel right asking for money for such a horror of a dog and if I give her away for free someone might use her as bait for dog fights or get a dog they can’t afford to care for.
2. When they find out what a holy terror she is, they would drop her back to me!
3. The people at the pound can assess her and her personality and give her a fighting chance of finding a good fit for her next family, not just someone who saw a cute dog for free or cheap on buy swap and sell.
4.In this situation the best I can do for this dog is give her a chance to find an owner better suited to her, because she is beyond my level of knowledge!

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 ^ so many excuses. If you’re lucky the pound would contact rescue groups to get her. I know from those in the know that doesn’t always happen and pounds take the easy way out. Especially with problematic dogs. Hope you’re ok with that’
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OP Yes, I am ok with with that. My sanity is important to me. Being able to afford groceries instead of repeatedly paying for an ill behaved animal to be brought home to destroy more of my property is important to me. If you send me your email address I’d be happy to give you the details so you can adopt her. Since you don’t think any of my reasons are valid, I’m sure you won’t mind her crapping on your doormat, destroying everything you own and escaping so that you need to spend your time and $ to bring her home to people she doesn’t give two flying fu**s about. I’ve put up with 3 years of it, and that obviously isn’t good enough, so I’m turning it over to you, an obvious expert. You’re obviously a better person than I am. 👌
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 No, your reasons for leaving her at the pound are not valid. Not your reasons for giving her up since she is clearly unhappy with you. And you don’t deserve her. I don’t believe you couldn’t find her the right home if you tried. The pound is unacceptable and I explained why.
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OP You’re right, I don’t deserve such an asshole, after everything I’ve done for her. If they put her down, I can live with that. At the rate she was going escaping and wandering, she would’ve been hit by a car sooner or later. I’m not paying to get her out to rehome her, especially when the rescue place has a better chance of doing that. They have a further reach and broader audience than me. No- one I know wants her, they all know what a terror she is! Like I said, give me your email and I’d be happy to pass on the details so you can take the precious little darling back to your place!
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 And like I said, the pound are more likely to have a problematic dog put to sleep than rehome her. If you could be bothered, you’d have more luck finding her a home. You could even contact the rescue organisations yourself.
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OP TBH it might be better for her to be put down, because the likelihood of her being a suitable pet for someone isn’t great, and the chances of her causing a Rd accident with her constant wandering near roads is up there. That was the two options I was thinking of before she took off and was caught again, either surrender her and give her a chance with someone else or have her put down. If that makes me an awful person, then too bad 🤷‍♀️
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 BE A RESPONSIBLE PET OWNER AND SECURE YOUR YARD! This is your fault and now the poor dog suffers
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OP DID YOU NOT READ MY EARLIER REPLIES. We have dog proofed numerous times and bought a special bloody yard. This literal bitch can climb like a cat, squeezes herself up in a corner and fu****g shinnies her way out over a high fu****g fence. I tried tying her up and she almost fu****g hung herself, she was lucky I heard the bang as she went over! BUT THERE IS NO POSSIBLE WAY YOU COULD BE WRONG IS THERE! I’m a monster because I can’t take any more from this PSYCHOTIC BALL OF FLUFF SENT TO DESTROY MY SANITY.Why don’t you go over to the post where people are suggesting someone poison their neighbours dogs with anti freeze and have a go at some of the real irresponsible people getting around.
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What breed of dog?

OP Bitzer- a small dog though.
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Answered by OP

She’s a cute little dog, someone will adopt her. I’m bloody sick of paying to get her out of the pound every time she escapes! She obviously doesn’t want to be here because she keeps taking off. Kids try to play with her (and no they are not rough) and she just runs away from them. She shits everywhere (even on the bloody doormat!), wrecks everything. We’ve dog proofed that many times and even bought a special bloody yard that cost hundreds. She climbs like a cat and still gets out. Don’t know what to do anymore and can’t afford to keep bailing out a dog that shows no loyalty, gets no joy from us and brings none whatsoever. Hopefully she will find a home that is a better fit for her, ours obviously isn’t it!

 Look you don't have to justify yourself. But when you do speak to the pound, let them know the dogs temperament so she can be rehomed to a family more equipped.
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OP Thanks, will do
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