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Christmas present ideas.

I’m after ideas on what to buy my 25 year old daughter for Christmas. She is not sure what she wants either, so I’m after suggestions to help me get some ideas. Budget of less than $500.


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My granny gives my brother, his wife and myself chocolates and a shower/deoderant gift pack every year for Xmas. Maybe you could do that as well as the money or voucher for her travel?
Lots of people like chocolate etc

 Chocolate is a nice idea but honestly do you really enjoy getting a shower pack every year? I’m not being rude as maybe you do, but I personally hate it! Chocs and a candle is fine by me (where as maybe you’d hate a candle) but I think if you have a $10 budget other things could be found.
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Perhaps you could get her a new hairdryer or straightener.

Spa vouchers are always amazing, maybe a bottle of alcohol if she likes an occasional drink? Favourite chocolate, Apple Watch, fit bit, new camera for travel, or just money

Does she live with you or in her own place?
Where does she work?
Might help with ideas.
My sister is 25 and still lives with my parents and not wrorking at the moment so my present suggestions for her would be different than for someone living alone and working hard

Does she like jewellery? Or is she planning on travel? Maybe a voucher to flight centre or something like that towards her next trip

Change the locks

 ^^haha. You're funny. God bless you 🙏
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OP here - thanks to everyone who has responded! My daughter still lives with us and works in an office and also has a second job in hospitality. She is planning on travelling next year, so I had thought of giving her some money or a flight centre voucher, however if did that, I also wanted to buy her a couple smaller presents to open on Christmas Day.

 My mum always gives me vouchers for Xmas But she likes to give small things so I have things to open too. It’s usually things like hair products and skin care I like. A few years ago she gave me a silver anklet which I love
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 I'd go money in case she doesn't want to use flight centre. Little pressies could be traveling related like a nice bag tag, packing cubes etc if she doesn't already have those sorts of things.
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 For some smaller presents maybe a nice big beach towel, new sunglasses, a coffee travel mug, a book, some skin care products, jewellery, perfume
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 Maybe she’d like a nice travel journal or other travel accessories as smaller gifts to open on the day.
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