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How do you deal with rude/abnoxious/forward kids in your house?

I pick up a kid from school 1 day a week coz her mum works and shes in my daughters sport team - they play sport early evening so have a few hours at our place before we go. I know the mum, but not great friends and my daughter and this girl get along but not great friends either - they are 11. This kid is always hungry! My daughter gets them a snack and drink when we get home, but this kid keeps asking for more and more food. She opens the pantry and fridge looking for food asking to have things i dont want her/them to have. Theres always plent of fruit cut up ready to go but she doesnt want that. She's always looking for junk food, is already a bit overweight (her mum is healthy and a gym instructor/personal trainer but this girl got her dads genes.....) she never brings food. She takes over the computer and my high school kid needs it for homework and study - she argues back at him and me when we say he needs it. She's quite bossy with my daughter and doesn't want to share.


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I once lost my shit and kicked a kid out of My house, the kid about 11, friends with my son at the time, who sassed me and then said I was fat. He laughed at me, like I was joking, and I just ended up yelling get the f**k out of my house!
Seriously these kids these days, try to walk all over you. No wonder teachers have so much trouble

 Awesome. Good on ya babe x
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 That’s shocking, good for you. I bet he felt quite stupid afterwards and I hope he apologied!
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Be firm, , look at her in the face and explain it to her. Be direct about how you only have fruit and she needs to not ask for other foods. I know the parents are good and you hope that these kids will grow up..this is just the way they are at this you explain it’s not cool rather than being polite. There is nothing wrong with being firm..your house your rules and you only have so much energy! Protect it

 I agree with this. If it becomes more of an issue just talk to her mother about it and see if anything changes. Stop giving this 11 year old child control over your house. Turn the computer off if she is on it, then turn it back on for your son. Who cares. If she doesn't like it then her mother can find someone else to babysit.
Your house. Your rules.

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 Yes, I wrote this because I work with kids and there are always a few of these in the groups I work with. You have to be firm, in my experience they do respond very well to boundaries and being told how it is... and if they don’t like it, they find another place to go. It’s a kind thing for you to do taking care of someone’s kids, but if they don’t like It they’ll suck it up or move on. Goodluck
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There is a reason why it is you looking after this child and not some other parent. The mother has tried everyone else and they have made excuses time for you to do the same. The situation won’t get better they are using you and the girl will have no intention of being your daughters friend. End it quickly.

If you have to, tell her she won't be welcome to come over any more if she can't respect the rules of your house. Also worth mentioning something to her mum, eg. Can you please remind XX that she's not allowed on our computer when she comes over etc.

Explain the house rules to her. Let her know the consequences (no tv, sitting in secluded room like a time out, whatever you do). Then treat her accordingly. Give a few extra warnings in the beginning, as no one has set these type of limits before. If mom objects, she can always make other arrangements.

At least pretend the computer is broken. Maybe suggest to the other mum that her kid bring some food as you don't keep the foods he likes in the house.

Holy moly are we neighbours my daughters friend who is 9 does exact same thing!!! Won’t take no, helps herself wtf