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How do you relax for a pap smear?

I had one today and my doctor kept saying 'relax your buttock' I was so tense she couldn't get in there. The though terrifies me and it's worse because I have to have one every 12mths due to previous complications. How do you relax before hand?
Please if you're a troll, move on. I'm not interested in bullshit comments. I need genuine advice 💜


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I wonder if you could wear headphones with a podcast or relaxing music. If you have someone that can take you and drop you home you could request a valium.

I went for a pap smear once and above the bed was a sign that said "At times like these you need Minties". I always recall that, get the giggles and relax.

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OP here. Thankyou ladies. I love some of the comments (esp the minties) and I'm going to try different things until I find the one. ❤❤

For me I have an amazing doctor and when I feel tense I just talk about my day or my week. Even if it’s just the shopping or trying to figure out what’s for dinner. It keeps my mind off what is happening and my doctor knows that it’s just to keep that tension away. The other thing you can do is breathing exercises. Look up some on google and practice them before going for your next Pap smear.

 Good advice, I do this when getting blood tests. I just start asking questions to get conversation going and the people are usually receptive, or if they notice you are really quiet they offer conversation and I take it to get my mind off things. I just thought it was the norm, but now I use it to my advantage too
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They arent pleasant but the more tense you are the more it hurts. If you’re relaxed it doesn’t hurt at all. You just have to keep it in mind. Perhaps some relaxation techniques before hand will help. And an understanding doctor. I get mine done at a women’s health clinic by a nurse. I find they are much More gentler and understanding of anxiety

My doctor gives me an anaesthetic prior because it is so painful to do with scar tissue from my first birth. If you are worried about discomfort, this may help.

 ^sorry you went through that xx
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Oh I just let it all hang out, but I had a doctor once who would get me to roll on my left side so my bum and vj were showing from behind and they'd do it that way. And I was just facing the wall while they were back there. That seemed less awkward cos I couldn't see them. Maybe this could work for you?

 Some doctors do paps like this routinely.
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To be honest, my doctor knows me and l start singing to distract myself lol. She seems fine with it and it works for me 😁

Lucky you I have every 12 weeks 😰😰 due to cervical cancer just breathe and relax think of something else

 Shit sorry babe 😫
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I just focus on breathing. One time my doc was having a little trouble, so she gave me the speculum and I put it in myself (she still did the spreading bit). Much nicer experience as I could feel exactly where it had to go and what was comfortable. Maybe that could be an option?

 Oh and if she ever had trouble seeing my cervix, her trick was to get me to put my fists under my bottom and that would change the angle just enough to fix the issue.
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