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What's the best brand with the highest alcohol content?


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No clue but im a fan of Brown Brothers

 Yes I love Browns Brothers too. Their moscato rosa is 4%. I recently had a moscato made by yellowglen that was 5%

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I love this question.
I believe you are my twin.

OP Hehe 🍷
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 Can I be your sister too :)
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Typically moscato is lighter in alcohol. Try rock, paper scissors from liquorland

 Rock Paper Scissors goes alright for the price!
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OP Love it! Thank you! & 1/2 price at liquor land today too 😄😄
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Not sure, but the Brown Brothers Crouchen Reisling is like, the shit! I don't do wine unless it's sweet as, and this i can demolish in a few glasses.

If you like sweet but want a higher alcohol content maybe try Riesling?!?!

OP Ohhh I'm still a newbie and have no idea what that is! Haha thanks!
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I like the bailey and Bailey one

OP That's what hubby got 😉
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Whispers sweet lips is 8%, lovely to drink and only 5 dollars a bottle

I bought a bottle at Aldi last week and it was 8% but I can't remember the name sorry

 I'm so annoyed we have aldi here but not the alcohol just the food :(
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Claire creek from aldi rosa sparkling is my fav sweet and delish, at only $5 a bottle you can afford to be an alcoholic lol

Grant Burge Moscato is the best one by far, higher in alcohol content than most others and not as sweet! BWS stock it