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Im looking for websites where i can read short stories or personal tales - just like to have a quick read and wind down before bed. Can be anything really but nothing too scary!


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Don't ready creepypasta then.

 Hahaha I was going to say that! I love creepypasta 👌
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 Same it's good but sometimes i read it & get too creeped out to sleep lol.
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 Damn now I’m so intrigued I want to go look but I’m too scared 😩😛
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 ^ Google ‘the best of creepy pasta’, it’ll give you a good idea of whether the site is for you. Some of it is really well-written, some of the site is rubbish. I haven’t found any that we’re actually scary yet but I’m a horror fanatic. I really enjoyed “Psychosis” and that’s on the ‘best of’ lists so I would recommend trying that first 😊
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Or podcasts? I like listening to ABC listen app especially to Conversations

The sites literotica and frolicme have sexy stories, if you would enjoy those.