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Is early 40s too old to study OT?

Answered 2 months ago

By the time I finish study and spend a few years gaining experience there won't be many years working before retirement. Am I wasting my time? Anyone studied something completely different in their 40s

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2 months ago
If it will make you happy - go for it! Plus, if you end up
Loving the job, you may not retire until you’re 65 or so, which means that even if you only start working at 45yrs, you’ll have 20 years of it!

2 months ago
Retirement age is 67. So, plenty of years of working left.
You'll need to balance up the cost of education & time out of workforce (including Super) to study & benefits salary long term.

As for experience, most of my ASD son's therapists (OT, speech & psych) have been straight out of uni, no job or life experience.

I'd LOVE more mature therapists who have more life experience, understand how difficult balancing SEN kids & life are & don't keep trying to get me to do random, expensive, time consuming tests that I've already done before 'just to check', or leave after 6 months. I think you'd have plenty of clients!

2 months ago
GO FOR IT!!! You're never too old. All the best babe ❤

3 months ago
If you'll be working until 65, then I'd say you've got plenty of time left.