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Separating: what happens next?

Answered 2 months ago

After nearly 15yrs and 3 kids, it looks like we are separating while in Lockdown!?! How do we even do this? What comes next? How do single parents even afford all of the essentials while on minimum wage?? I can't even tell anyone or I'll cry for days 😔

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2 months ago
I've been a single mum for 11 years and believe me it's not an easy journey. (Together 15 years - 4 kids and a very toxic ex) I would say go as slow as you can when it comes to moving decisions. And be very careful with custody decisions. It all depends on the ages of the kids, but you want to not make too many changes too fast. Get as much government help as you can. Get legal advice. Be careful what friends and family you listen to. I did lots of reading and counselling on how to deal with difficult exs which really helped. I'm still not in a great financial place but its improving and I now have a good job and I'm training to improve my career as well. I know it feels like a lot at the time but I promise you - you will get through this and later on you will be amazed at how you came through this tough time. I think it's good for the kids too - staying in an unhealthy relationship doesn't do them any favours in the future. Just think - you've probably put him and your kids first for so long (it seems to be the usual way these days) - now you get to make your own goals and plan your own future. So if you can see it as an exciting journey ahead, that might help. I wish you all the best.

2 months ago
Contact centrelink first and see what benefits you are entitled to. You would be surprised at how much you can receive. There are also services to help you work out the next steps. Good luck.