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Are you worried about China's influence on Australian politics and ownership?

Answered 11 months ago

So if they want to fly in some bomber jets to Darwin port then they can... because they hold the lease...

Do you care about Australia?

Why isnt anyone raising this on social media???

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11 months ago
I couldn't care less and looking by the replies....nobody else gives a shit either

11 months ago
Absolutely. Particularly the land ownership. The Chinese have been buying massive farming properties throughout Australia for big $. What are the struggling farmers to do, stick to their guns and go broke in the dust, or sell up and enjoy life for once? I feel so much for them. But, there needs to be a limit on foreign ownership of property in Australia. The government do not have our best interests at heart - definitely not long term. It's frightening.


11 months ago
Absolutely!! Im so glad that I'm not alone in worrying about this!!
What do you think we should do? How can we start?