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Has anyone actually made money from their own 'business?' ie arbonne, avon, Lorraine lea etc. etc. etc?

I just got another invite to a linen party. I have two friends who sell Tupperware and another friend who against my advice just started Arbonne. Do they really believe they are going to make money from these things? I especially don't like Arbonne because it is so expensive (and she just told me about the start up costs!? Omg) I cant even justify a 'pity' purchase. I'm just wondering if anyone has actually made successful money off of these companies and how you feel about getting your friends to pay your wage? Because at the end of the day that's what it is isn't it? I'm not talking about making a few dollars here or there, I'm wondering if anyone has made a scratch of money that justifies the embarrassment and time that it takes to make the sales? Sorry if I am sounding harsh - but I truly believe these companies are scams.


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All this Doterra essential oils crap going on?? No, I don't want to spend obscene amounts of money on one bottle of your miracle elixir because you signed up for a company and all of a sudden you can cure my stomach problems!
Oh, there is a membership fee but I get bonuses? I'll stick to my Flybuys thanks.

I don't have an answer to the question, but I have a story that made me despise these kinds of marketing parties. I didn't like them much before this night, but I absolutely hated, HATED them after.

So, I love to scrapbook. A couple of years ago, a friend of mine from work who also loves scrapbooking said I should join her and her scrapbooking friends for a night of scrapping and chitchat. I was very excited to meet a group of fellow scrappers I could maybe scrap regularly with, and also maybe make some new like-minded friends etc. etc. I went along, and hauled all my scrapbooking stuff to my friend's friend's house. Was met with odd looks when I dragged all my stuff inside. I sat down and quickly realised I was actually at a Stampin' Up party. And all the people there were not scrapbookers at all, but part of a book reading club. Awkward! Oh, I was so not impressed! I could have strangled my friend then and there! And to make matters worse, my friend left after 15 minutes, said she had somewhere else to be, and here I was at a stranger's house, at a marketing party I did not want to be at, amongst all these women who clearly knew each other well and who all pretty much ignored me. I felt like I had gate crashed someone's kitchen tea. It was AWFUL. So, after a polite amount of time, when the Stampin' Up rep (who also was part of this circle of friends) had finished her spiel, I made some lame excuse, said my farewells and lugged all my scrapbooking stuff back to my car and left as fast as I could.

Worst. night. ever.

 Did you confront your friend about it? Love to hear what she had to say.
How awkward for you.

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 I sure did. Her response was 'I didn't know it was a Stampin' Up party either'. Buuuuuuull shiiiiiiiit! She knew I didn't believe her, and she asked if I wanted to join their book club. Ummmmm, no!
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 Omg I had a similar experience I was invited out with a friend to go shopping and it was a bloody postie fashions party which is stupidly daggy old lady clothing. She went off and mingled and I sat on my own. Wtf is wrong with people!!! I would never do that to anyone!!!
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 I remember those Postie clothes. They were really cool..... in the '90s! Can't believe they are still around.
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 Oh dear Lord, I would have been ropeable!
You poor thing!

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The only people I know that ever made money did Athena parties (sex toys).

I do Avon as well as my everyday job. I don't give books to my friends unless they ask me for one as I don't want to bd one of 'those friends'. I don't make a lot out of it. A bit of extra cash.

 Avon is the only one of that sort of company I buy from. It's not crazy expensive and it's just ordering from a catalogue not having to go to a party and then get pressured into spending a fortune on crap you don't really want.
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 Unless you’re in the US, you won’t be buying any more Avon.
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A friend of mine used the line "so you will buy products from celebrities who don't need the money but you won't buy from a regular mum like yourself and help with the family income?!"
I didn't know what to say. I was just buying $20 SJP perfume..the difference is Sarah Jessica Parker isn't forcing me to buy her stuff!!

 If she needs help with the family income go get a job. Why should you sacrifice your family's income for hers because she was lazy. I hate those bs guilt trips.
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Not only expecting friends to buy your products but if they hold parties for you to encourage their friends to buy they are usually expected to provide morning tea at the least. Even if everyone brings a plate it still costs the host money. Often more than what they receive in gifts or discounts!

When I was 18 I couldn't find a job so I applied to sell Avon. The website said someone would call me in 24 hours... 3 months later I got a call. Thank god I found a job by then

I've lost friendships over these companies, especially Arbonne! I stay away from them all now. The people I know that were successful eventually had to go back to their old can't sell the same products to the same people eventually work through all your circles and then their circles.

 Same....Arbonne have a response for everything so they can try to suck you in. My friend was training when she tried to get me into it. Her trainer was telling her 'say you can see her being successful, say it's not that much for start up costs, say you wish you'd started earlier' it's so manipulative!! And she's that annoying friend that won't shut up about Arbonne- exactly what I do NOT want to become!!!!
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My friend sells mlm sex toys and ebay lingerie to brothels. She prebuys, arrives, Jacks up the prices then just goes and knocks, i went once and she sold $1400 in products in 30 minutes.

 Good business ☺️
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I did the body shop, signed up and then my mentor lady told me you have to force people to buy stuff, don't take no for an answer. I sold off all the products I got on BSS to get my money back and never did it.

I don't think so.
I see allot of them as I'm a beauty/wedding blogger with a big following and lots aren't doing it within months.
People contact me to send me products to advertise and review.
I must say I'm not a fan of Nutrimetics, overpriced crap and not very gentle on sensitive skin but ok on normal skin. Itworks people just shit me off cos they constantly spam me trying to flog their wraps. I don't care if you send me them out free cos I'm not using them simply for the fact they like my page then start inboxing my clients.
I actually love avon. The new matte lipstick is amazing. I bought every colour. I got sent out 1 to review then rang up and bought the whole set. Haha
Arbonne i thought was a bunch of scammy bastards but their calm range is a God send. The handcream cured my nasty hands within 3 days, i have horrible contact dermatitis. My hands are all wrinkly and look older than my mums while having scar tissue forming. It's actually embarrassing to admit I have to use a hand model (my sister)for anything hand related as they crack and bleed. The primer is the best I've ever used and i only use that. After my free products ran out i actually rang up and used my 35% discount on future orders to buy more.
And i love jamberry but not sure if it's a viable source of income. A nice way to meet new people if you are shy though as people ask you about them all the time but I don't really think it's a job. More a hobby. My nail artist does them for me over acrylics. I get the jams free from lady and workmanship free from the other lady then post up.
My friend does really well selling undercover wear, as we live in a country town we have little to no places selling lingerie, we have one old lady shop but the old bag won't stock anything over a 14C. She's very well known in the community so basically already had lots of people to hold parties for her and sponsors allot of fundraisers to get attention.
Everyone i know doing jewelry parties have failed. I wasn't happy with the quality of the items sent out to me especially when I then bought the same items from ebay china for $1 and actually purchased an item with real cash rather than free advertising and she said "pearls" yeah plastic pearls! Pearlesque not pearls!

My friend always has a party for friends starting these things. I just can't get over the cost of the products. You get guilted into going into the party and pressured into buying things.

When i was a new mum i got upset to realise that so many other mums only made an effort at friendship to sell me their crap! I would say i was not interested & they would start with their trained pesky one liners! I was always polite. To never hear from them again is insulting!
Our mothers group bans sales pitches at catch ups now. We live in a smallish town as soon as anyone realises that we are a bigger group that meets up often ( alot of other mothers groups seem to have dwindled) sales bi****s (pitches) try & elbow their way in.
Yes they are trying to support their family but i am trying to live within my means which certainly does not allow to buy over priced products to assist these people on their mission!

 Same my kids moved school and I was overwhelmed by everyone being friendly then the sales pitches started disappointed!
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I worked at a hotel on the Gold Coast where all of the Arbornne consultants stayed for a week while they had a convention!!! I was given so many free samples and the pitch I heard from at least 20+ of them was incredible. I'm still getting texts more than 2 years later and phone calls/emails!

Im not even sure what Arbourne (spelling?) is? But i have had multiple friends try tupperware etc and always takes a nose dive and they go nowhere with it. As someone said you have to have the right personality. My mums friend does Body Shop and she is great, makes a lot of money from it.

 Arbonne is like avon- skin care, make up, sun cream. But insanely expensive- like $150 a face cream. They jazz it up but it's just pyramid selling. And they are sooooo pushy trying to get you to sign up.
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 Arbonne is a bit like a pyramid scheme. You have to recruit and make your way up the ladder to make any money.
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