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Christco hampers? Yes or no? Pro and con?

After what can only be described as terrible planning by us we have no extra money for Christmas I've got a few presents here and there but not a huge stash for Santa to bring and money is tight now. Thinking about Chrisco next year. Anyone tried it?


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Con - it usually costs you twice as much as purchasing the goods from the shops, you will have a lot left over that you don't use.

Pro - it's easy and you set it up and forget about it.

My husband is a contractor so over Chrissy he doesn't get paid for two weeks. So we've learnt that every week when we do our shopping we but a $20- Woolworths voucher because it covers fuel, Big W and food, alcohol etc. We don't have a Coles or Target in our town.
At June/July when the toy sales are on, we take advantage of their no deposit layby and pay off the kids toys till early December.

Waste of money, buying gifts cards you put away each week or just throwing a the same amount in a savings account will serve you much better and you will end up with more, and not stuck with a heap of crap you don't actually like.

I looked at the brochure its such a con. Just save the money through the year and you will get so much more.

Some banks/credit unions have Christmas accounts that you put money in but you can't touch till October/November.

These hampers are honestly for people that can't manage money, the type that are paying credit card interest.

I did Crisco hampers for a few years and worked out it was costing a lot more than if you purchased the items from the supermarket yourself. I also gave up because they kept substituting items constantly so you weren't getting what you ordered anyway.

Put th money you would spend on chrisco into a savings account and use that next year. Will go a lot further

I've looked into it for food hampers and decided to find a different way to save, haven't found it yet, but we are getting married early 2017 and have decided to use the hampers for all the alcohol for the wedding. They seem to be pretty reasonable unlike the food which is marked up a crap load!

I also get the gift cards
It does cost more but it works for our family and I don't notice the money going out of our account each fortnight

Set up an online high interest account, and organize for money to come about immediately after you get paid, if it's not in your account you can't spend it, but it's still accessible for true emergencies

Better option, put $10 away every week as its a small amount but over 52 weeks you will have 5000+...or put away a bit more. Thats what i plan on doing to better prepare ourselves for next year :)

 No.....she will have $520
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 I wish I could save $5000 a year by putting away $10 a week lol
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 someone is dumb
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 I meant 100. But cheers for the judgement ladies lol. But put away whatever you can afford and we can afford that.
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 Oh sure you did 😉
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 Who would need to put away $100 a week.....who would spend that much?
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 Depends she may have a few kids in the family and needs 5thou?
We have 9 kids in our family to buy for, we don't buy for adults. And it'd cost us about $800+ for presents alone.

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 Im talking for presents, rent, fuel..everything over the break as i have 4 weeks no work and my partner has around 2..And yes i can afford 100 a week thanks.
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Awesome! Bought gift cards this year. Have plenty of money on them to go to the stores and purchase the gifts I want.