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Step kids and rules.

My step son(7) was playing his xbox and swearing at the tv. His dad was out so I spoke to him about it twice then took it away for the rest of the weekend. His dad backed me up when he got home when his son started complaining. His mum just rang me and went mental for taking away. I told her my house my rules. How do people usually handle this part of step parenting?


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Your partner needs to speak to his ex. It's not unreasonable to take the xbox away when he was swearing, you have done the right thing. But I wouldn't even engage with her if she was going mental. I'd just say "I can't talk to you about this while you are going mental, I'll get x (your partner) to call you to discuss it later" and hang up.

Ignore the ex. Your partner backed up your decision to take it away. That is all that matters.

Your definitely in the right! If she is unhappy she should call and talk like a reasonable adult. This step parent gig is so hard some days xx

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Could you sit down with mum and have a chat about parenting and discipline so there is no more upset and you could all get on the same page?