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Pregnancy Announcement

Hi just wondering how people announced their pregnancy to people we are wanting to do one just looking for ideas cheers


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Birth announcements are the stupidest things right up there with those stupid plaques and signs people hold up against their belly or kids that has earthside and stupid shit like that 🙄

 Agree!!! No one but the parents or the grandparents care!
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 I totally blame mum bloggers for introducing this stupidity. Cradling non existent bumps, posing next to fruit.. writing on blackboards. Omg 🙄
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I just rang people and told them. Life was pretty simple before facebook.

 Lol yep announced to my dad over lunch! Announced to my friends while we were driving to lunch one day and all in the car. Announced to the rest of my family in person or phone call. And I'm not so "old" that Facebook wasn't a thing. I just think pregnancy announcements are over the top.
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By the time I had my 4th, Facebook announcements was a thing.
So I updated my status with: There’s something cooking in the oven, can you guess what it is?
Answer will be revealed at 7pm tonight, watch this space!
It was hilarious with the answers people wrote, from roast beef to choc chip muffins a few guessed “bun” (baby) it was a cute build up and added some light humour.
Congratulations x

We announced ours on Facebook with a prayer for the not yet born. We just made some crap up and wrote it in nice calligraphy style on a sheet of cardboard. We have a lot of very religious family on there and didn't want the hassle of calling everyone. Plus we live overseas from them all so it was easier to do it online.
Really you can write anything like that and if you put a Dear Lord and an Amen on it, people eat it up.
At least my family does.

I would hire a petting zoo and get a juke box and circus 🎪

There’s the shoes announcements, they’re pretty good. Ultrasound picture. New addition due x shirts. Picture of your belly with eviction date (due date) written on it. With my youngest I just put a picture of him on Facebook and announced his birth. A lot of people who I hadn’t seen in 5-6 months found out that way.

Guess what? I’m pregnant!

Also I posted my ultrasound pic on Facebook for the global announcement, and said new addition coming on X date.

I really dont like the cheesy ‘creative’ announcements. Just be direct. If it is your thing, I’m sure Pinterest has loads of ideas.

I didn't tell anyone until I started showing. When people asked me if I was pregnant, I had a ball telling them I was just fat. The looks on their faces were hilarious

I posted a picture of me and hubby cuddling naked and wrote “baby making in progress! on all my social media pages

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My first I put up a bump photo at 36 weeks like surprise! Most people already knew because they saw me regularly. If they didn’t see me then they didn’t know until that point 🤷‍♀️

My second I brought my son a big brother book, took a photo of him holding it, added a picture of the ultrasound and the due month in. Nothing too crazy.

I picked a funny picture of my older kids and put in the ultrasound picture and put some wording on it saying and then we were a family of five... Look at pininterest so many fun ideas