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Best, cheapest place to buy lego?

I have three boys who all have a heap of lego on their Christmas wish list lol.
I've been looking in kmart, big W, target etc and also online.

So far kmart seems to be the cheapest, but has anyone found a great website where there's a great range at a good price?


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I always buy my Lego from big w when they have a sale. Kmart doesn’t have the range that big w has and target and Myer are more expensive. Check gumtree, there’s a guy near me in Perth that buys the big ones in from overseas and does a good deal. Maybe others do too.

 Watch out for stolen goods on gumtree
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 He’s trusted and well known. Buys Lego not available here.
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I just wait for it to go on special, the big chains always have sales in the lead up to Christmas sometimes 50% off. Just wait for a sale.

Regularly Google the sets you want to see who has them on sale. Although big W has the biggest range, sometimes sources like Myer have 30% sales. I got my son's $70 set for $47 once I used a discounted gift card (from RACQ or Suncorp, cards available for most big department stores).
I joined Myer One & they keep sending me $10 vouchers so that helps too! (Although I'd never shop at Myer without these freebies & deals).

OP Thank you. That's a great tip!
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 Myer only send you vouchers when you spend money though..
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If your located in Victoria, this is a great independent LEGO store located in Pakenham.
Lots of different sets, but be quick if you want delivery in time for Christmas.