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Bill Paying

Please don’t be rude, does anyone know if it is possible to pay bills once per year, specifically bills that would come on a monthly or quarterly basis. I have suffered a brain injury and struggle to remember to pay things, I got myself in a pickle where by I had the money but actually forgot to pay the bill.

What tips and tricks do you have, also a calendar doesn’t work for me even if it is in my phone as I forget to check it


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Most bills can be directly debited from your bank account when due. You will still get a copy of the bill - post or email. You'll need to contact each supplier separately.

Hey OP! Sorry about your injury. If possible you need to appoint someone you trust to handle your utility bills and payments. Close friend, relative, adult children. You can sit together and organise what bill is due when, they can pop it into their diary/calendar and when they get the alert they can send through a text message reminder or call you. Good luck

 Thanks I don’t have anyone who either I trust or I am close to, I just want to kinda have a system like I do for my prepaid phone. Once it runs out in order to use it I need to recharge prefer a similar setup for rest bills
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If you have the money bpay a bulk amount. I did this to my telstra, Ergon and daycare when I had extra cash.
The daycare phoned me asking if I realised I payed $1500 as they thought I accidentally put an extra 0 on the payment.
Rego I think needs to be an exact amount, I paid that by the year. Life and contents insurance I paid by the year.
Rent I paid 6 months worth , I did that by putting it into a separate account and setting up a direct debit

Is there someone you can trust to look after your finances ?

 Unfortunately I did try to ask someone I trusted and they were controlling instead of just making sure I was paying my bills. They sceninised I very bit of money I spent so no I don’t
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 Maybe Centrepay if you are receiving benefits
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Do you have someone you trust who can help you set up direct debits and stuff. Maybe your gp can suggest someone

Direct debit or if you are on centrelink, they can set up something which I think may be called centrepay. Sorry if I'm wrong

Unfortunately bills are an evil necessity. If you paid yearly, you could potentially be forking out thousands at a time. Small regular payments is the way to go. Good luck x

I don’t think you can pay things like utilities yearly. But if you know your bill is always going to be the same each month or quarter, set up an automatic direct debit from your account.

Or, you could simply just pay them the moment your bill arrives. If you can afford to.

I always pop due dates on my calendar which hangs in a place that I can see often.

 Issue is I forget to check the letter box or once I get the mail I get side tracked and forget to open it
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I use online payment and put on fortnight payments manually
$60 elect
$40 gas
$50 Telstra
$50 water

Usually in credit by $20 to $60

I think setting up direct debit payments wherever possible is the way to go. I doubt you can pay bills like gas and electricity once a year. Also you'd have to budget really well to make sure you had the larger amount of money when needed (Not saying you can't, I just know people who wouldn't save during the year even though they knew a large bill is coming, then have a sook about it). Can always give your utilities providers a call and see what they can offer 🙂

 Also would reminders on your phone work, so not relying on you to check the calendar, they pop up when you've programmed them to pop up?
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