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I have begun shopping at Aldi hoping to bring down our grocery bill. Does anyone have any tips on how to get through the checkout easier and faster?

it's so hard trying to keep up with the cashier when I'm bagging my groceries. Cheers


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Start with fruit and veg that they have to weigh, slows them right the f**k down so you can get your bearings and prepare for the flying boxes.

Make sure you line everything up on the conveyer belt as you want it packed ie heavy stuff up first and the lighter stuff you don't want squashed at the back. Then put your bags in the trolley ready. As the groceries are scanned pack the heavy stuff in the bottom evenly spread between the bags and lighter stuff on top. It takes a while but you get quicker at packing. Don't worry if the cashier is ahead of you they have to stop scanning and wait.

 I was told of by cashier
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 What do you mean?
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 If you get told off for being too slow walk out.
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 From what I know, cashiers are under a lot of pressure to scan a certain number of items in the duration of the transaction. Even when the ask you how you're paying, they type something in as its being timed. Sorry I could be wrong though :)
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 my cashier didn't stop scanning. She kept going. I broke 2 fingers and I can't go very fast but that didn't slow her down one bit
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 Remember to avoid her next time. The scanning causes a lot of stress.
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 Was told not to put items into groups
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 ^^ The groceries? Do you know why?
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Put them in your trolley and pack your bags at the bench or your car. It takes too long to pack them at the checkout.

I have a large box which I leave in the trolley. When I'm shopping, everything goes in the box, I take the groceries out and put them on the conveyor belt, they get scanned and then I put them straight back in the box. Boom. 😊

Do what everyone else at aldi does and Chuck it in the trolley and bag it on the bench/ at your car. It holds it up for everyone trying to bag it right at the checkout

 Not everyone does this
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 I see more people piss farting around trying to find their purse that I do waiting for them to pack
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 I know right, and then half of them just need to transfer money into their account! Ffs, get organised.
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I like to tag team at Aldi. My husband used to be a checkout boy so I load the shit onto the conveyor at one end, while he waits at the other with a seperate trolley and bags. As they scan he packs (we also have a set order we load shit on so that he can make the easiest transition).
Or, if we have a couple people there with us (rarely), we pick the checkout furthest from the exit point, and human chain shit from the scanner to the bench to be repacked. With little things (tea boxes, crumpets, bags of chips, etc) we can just hurl it directly to the bench.

Do not pack at the checkout. You will be hated by everyone in the line. Put it in the trolley and either pack at the bench or the car. If you have a lot of items and someone behind only has a few let them go first while you are loading your groceries on the conveyor belt. It is Aldi etiquette.

Put it all back in the trolley & pack your bags when you get to the car. You can take your time & next ack the bags how you want them packed, with as little or as much in each bag as what your heart desires.
Don’t try to keep up with packing bags at the spore they scan things through.

I never buy more than a few items at Aldi. I hate the way they operate. The staff always seem so rude and they just want to push you through as quickly as possible. I know its probably aldi rules that make them seem this way. If they worked at another supermarket chain, I'm sure they'd be a very different person

You are supposed to pack at the benches. You could buy the special bags that fit in the trolley and hang on the edge. It can either be an easier process or a faster process but not both. Just do it at the bench please

I take two big bucket things, I think they are usually used for drinks and ice to sit in at parties, they have handles on them, i just chuck it all in there after scanning, walk to the car and lift the buckets into the car, easy.

I've never seen anyone at Aldi pack their bag at the checkout. Everyone here pack at the benches or their car.

I use those bags that clip onto the trolley. Just make sure you unload your groceries in the order you want to pack them

 argh. Hate them
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I only buy stuff if its cheaper at aldi. I line it all up in order of how I want to pack it and put my bags in the trolley and pack it as it scans. If someone doesn't have heaps of shopping I send them ahead of me while I put the shop on the belt, but after that it's too bad, I won't throw everything in the trolley and pack at the bench. If you are getting a hard time just ignore them, or walk out.