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Pharmacists please help

I need three policies or procedures relating to running a pharmacy which would make it easier for staff to abide by all legal and ethical laws etc.
I have already done a few but my head is about to explode, I feel so overwhelmed with everything right now.
I honestly am doing this to better my career opportunities but feel so lost.

Please any help?


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I'm not a pharmacist, but this is what I can think of. Might not be on the right track:
1. Regular training (eg every 3 months)
2. Updates to laws conveyed to staff asap and also displayed on noticeboard or something similar
3. 2 staff members required to agree to provide medication in suspicious circumstances (eg refilling a script earlier than would be expected)
4. 2 staff members to check in deliveries, so less likely for someone to try and steal meds then say the delivery was wrong.

Three policies:

1. Don't get high on your own supply
2. When selling good shit to the black market charge more if they look rich
3. Don't steal the good stuff, just pay cost price.

Have You tried looking at the pharmacy guild website?

 many of the links are blocked and you have to sign up to sign up
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 Yes I know I am a pharmacy assistant. It's not too hard to sign up
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 If I was going to be a pharmacist or assistant then I would pay the $198 for the membership BUT Im not doing a pharmaceutical course at all. Its nothing to do with pharmacy so I don't even know why we have a question about owning and running a pharmacy in the first place. But thanks!
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