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Looking for mum clothing suggestions to run errands, deep clean house where bleach is used and garden. No active wear and no track pants


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Why would you go outside the house in clothes that you clean in? That’s just so bogan, like I get mum’s don’t have time but it literally takes 2 minutes to put on some decent clothes before leaving the house.

 Yes, I agree with this.
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 You call them bogans like its a bad thing

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SAHM Staff Nothing wrong with bogans at all!!
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 I am looking for both clothes to run errands in and clothes to clean the house and garden in, I literally walked away from a situation where I have to start over clothes wise. So looking for some clothing suggestions. Money isn’t a issue
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 There’s nothing wrong with bogans except society looks down on them as being uneducated and ill mannered.
They’re usually loud, swear, yell at the kids in public and wear Kmart clothing.
If my son doesn’t do his hair properly or change into his nice clothes before we head out I ask him if he wants everybody thinking he’s a hobo or a bogan.
This may sound judgemental to some people but I think it’s very important to instil a sense of personal pride in your appearance and quite frankly I don’t care what anyone thinks about that.
I’m doing right by him as a latent should be.

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 I go to 3 houses 3 times a week
Not wasting time to get changed

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 ^^^^ To the other lady, its great you don't care about what people think. They probably feel the same about you so kudos to everyone 💜
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Sale clothes from Katies

 What specifically would you recommend I buy
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 Jeggings, knit tops what ever you like
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 I got a nice pair of comfy jeans from Katie’s. They have a high elastic waist band so very comfortable but they’re thicker than jeggings and don’t look like leggings.
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Decuba has nice stuff. Nice leggings with oversized tops for gardening. Jeggings are comfortable for cleaning and gardening. Paired with a nice necklace looks nice if someone calls by.

Witchery has good staples. You said you like the uniformy type so maybe stick with black basics as the ‘uniform’ type. Think Audrey Hepburn classics. Tailored pants, nice top, different touches like a scarf instead of a belt. A good pair of sunglasses. Accessories can make the classics different everyday. Maybe two luxury handbags... one black for staple and one a popping colour or something out of the ordinary, fendi baguettes are good sized and a bit different.
All black outfit ... add huge hoop earrings and a popping lipstick
Black slacks , colourful v neck sleeveless top paired with basic earrings and black staple luxury handbag.

Quality Haircare and good basic make up you can apply in under 5 minutes make going from cleaning to changing to head out much easier. A messy bun looks far better if your hair is clean & maybe has a shiny silver clip added

 Have you thought of being a stylist?
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 Op of this reply
I’ll take the high maintenance as a compliment, thank you.
I would love to be a stylist, would definitely have to be a side hustle as I doubt many would pay for such a luxury these days.

Oh & I was is country road this afternoon, add that to a list of a place to find good staples. Great quality and some fun quirky pieces

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If you’re using bleach and digging in the garden you’re gonna have to go for trackies or cheap leggings coz they’ll get ruined. No one will see you in them. For errands my go to is jeans or jeggings and a nice casual top. Sketchers or nice shoes depending on where I’m going.

 I am looking for clothes for specifically house cleaning and gardening as well as clothes to wear for errands. I won’t be wearing the house clothes/gardening ones out. I just need clothing suggestions as I don’t like the feel of track pants and find jeans hard to move in when cleaning and or gardening. I have to purchase everything having walked away from a situation where I wasn’t able to take my clothes, I own my own home so money isn’t a issue when it comes to purchasing stuff just need clothing suggestions kinda like a uniform
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 I understood your question. My suggestion was basically daggy clothes for cleaning and gardening coz they’ll get ruined. Then Jeggings and a top for running errands.
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Just wear whatever makes you feel comfortable

 No clothes make me feel comfortable I have always been someone who hasn’t had to think about what to wear but things have changed so I
Am out of my depth

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Ok op. What is your body shape, and what do you usually wear?

 I am kinda curvy and have always warn a uniform so for me I feel lost and have the need for that uniformity feel
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Winter, I just wear jeans and a nice jumper with casual shoes... you should definitely run a brush through your hair and change before leaving the house if you've been cleaning and gardening? At bare minimum.. lol.. personally I'd have a quick shower, Takes 10 minutes.

Just get cheap Kmart shorts and tops as if you do wreck them it's not a huge loss

Jeans/jeggings, shirt (short sleeved), jacket/cool cardigan, as a base, you can then add a scarf/hat/gloves/necklace when you want, can wear a wide variety of shoes with this ‘base outfit’ too taking it from super casual to more formal. Sneakers, boots, heels, wedges, thongs, slides.

 Id buy 2/3 pairs jeans/jeggings different colours and styles, 3-6 tops/shirts, 2-3 different style jackets denim/leather(fake or real)/trench/duffle, a few scarfs, beads, 1-2 decent bags that go with everything. Start here, build from there. Get good bra and underware too.
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