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37 weeks pregnant - Pain

Answered 2 years ago

Around 12pm today all of sudden I got this sharp horrible pain and it felt like bubs was trying to come out my old cesarean scar! It only last maybe like 30 seconds but ever since I have had pain all around the scar all day.
The pain isn’t going away so it doesn’t feel like contractions.
Thinking of going to hospital tonight but just am so unsure due to having a scan and midwife appointment tomorrow anyway.
Anyone had anything similar to this?

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2 years ago
How did you go op?

2 years ago
I'd go to the hospital. I was 36weeks pregnant and had cramps. I was happy to have some panadol and lay down. Hubby insisted we go the the hospital. I'm sure glad we did because 5hrs later our little girl decided to make an entrance. Best wishes Hun xx

2 years ago
I haven't, but if you are ever unsure about something, contact your hospital. Do you have the number for the maternity ward? They will let you know what to do.