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Do you send flowers after a death still??

Answered 2 months ago

  • Send to where the funeral will be

  • No

  • Yes


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2 months ago
I send flowers a few weeks after to replace all the dead ones everyone sent just after the death

11 months ago
Depends on how close the mourning family is to me. I always bring flowers to a funeral, yes.
If the I have been asked to attend a funeral of a person whom I know not much of I always type 'funeral flowers' in google and order and send via a website for flowers and always send cards to know who I have been sent from.

2 years ago
I do if they live far away, just so they know I'm thinking of them (flowers are easiest to order and send).
If they are local I might do a little care basket or home cooked meals.
It's all about showing you care, and I guess flowers are the easiest and traditional.
I remember a couple of weeks after my Dad died, my Mum's house was filled with dying flowers, which I didn't really like. But I remembered those who had sent flowers and appreciated their thoughts.


2 years ago
I'm the same. I have alot of family far away and will send flowers but locally i'll cook something or offer to take the kids etcs

2 years ago
I send a card and make a donation to a charity in their memory. A friends mother recently died of a heart attack so I made a donation to the heart foundation

2 years ago
Depends, some people request donations made to charities for their funeral or something else rather than flowers sent.

2 years ago
No flowers