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Birthday getaway for new partner

Answered 2 years ago

So I've been seeing this guy for a few months and its going really well. His birthday is coming up and I'd love to go away with him for the weekend now that travel restrictions are easing a bit. My friend has this awesome apartment in a great holiday destination not far away that would be ideal... only thing it is, its a lot more money than what I wanted to spend, plus I want to get him something else for his birthday (so it would turn out to be a very expensive weekend) which I just really don't have the budget for. Is there a nice way I can suggest to him that we could go away for his birthday weekend and have him pay half or something like that? Please no negative comments, I just want to really treat him to a nice birthday weekend away

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2 years ago
I’d go somewhere else and save the expensive place for a more significant occasion further down the track.

2 years ago
Is your friend charging you a lot of money, or just the cost of travel to the destination is too much?

If it's the accommodation, try looking at Wotif and sites like that for cheap places to stay. Otherwise, check out hotels and such that you like, give them a call and see if they can do a deal for you. These places are more than willing to take *some* money given that they've heard crickets for the past few months.