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What do I say to my youngest son who is jealous of his older brother

Answered 3 months ago

His older brother received a car from dad and unfortunately my youngest sons dead is a deadbeat and never met him

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3 months ago
If it were me I would encourage youngest son to get a job and match every dollar he saves to go towards a car of his own.
He will learn to earn things rather then have them handed to him as well.
I would sacrifice a lot to do this.

3 months ago
That's unfair and I feel for him. It's a tough lesson about the way of the world, and I'm sorry he is experiencing this. Best that he starts to understand his dad is a deadbeat early on though, but it must be hard for him. Sorry, I didn't have much advice, other than to validate how he is feeling, because it is unfair and naturally he may feel jealous / sad / letdown / disappointed etc...

2 years ago
Well, that is just the way of all things. Luck of the draw who your Dad is.