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How much to give as a baby shower gift my brother first child do you then give gift when baby born to.

First time doing this since me and wifey split send help


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Whatever you feel comfortable with. No set rules.

 You know your brother better than any of us :)
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 We don’t really have a relationship so don’t know
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 Perhaps some kind of voucher to a baby store then. It can be difficult to know what to buy if you aren’t close to them. As for when the baby comes, I think a card would be enough. But you wanted to buy something, maybe go for practical.... baby wipes, nappies, something like that. Not a glamorous gift but i can promise you, it would be appreciated
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I think it is usual to get something small for the baby shower and something slightly bigger after the birth.
Some women turn the shower into an event where they try to get everything the baby will ever need. Do not let yourself be made to spend more than you can afford.

I have given presents like clothing for a toddler. Everyone else will probably give "baby" stuff, but they grow so quickly that the present is only useful for a few weeks. People have been very happy with me giving something suitable for a toddler, in my experience.

I buy something for the baby for the baby shower then something for the mum after the birth. Something useful for the baby like nappies and a voucher for a massage for the mum.

It completely depends on you.
both my siblings I have $1000 each time they had a new baby.
I Usually gifted a big gift like a cot or pram or car seat for them at the baby shower. Plus baby clothes expecially if they had boys cos I never got to buy cute boy stuff lol. And when they had a girl I would just give bags of hand me downs. My sister hasn’t really bought anything for her daughter lol. It’s all my girls clothes.

But that’s within our ability albeit a sacrifice, i love giving and it’s a big moment for our family and I want to celebrate in all the ways I can with them and make them feel super loved on and spoilt

 That’s similar to our family. Every time someone had a baby we would give them $500. Parents usually give the kids more and buy some of the bigger items. However he said he doesn’t really have a relationship with his brother so that would be too much I think
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 Here comes the c card
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 Pretend you know everything ^^
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 No I don’t own a credit card lol.
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 Lol 👍
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Question to SAHM staff : Do you have a list of appropriate gifts for baby showers somewhere on this site ?

SAHM Staff Yes! We have quite a few - unfortunately we can't link them here but if you go into the Parenting menu on the home page then type in baby shower in the search bar there's a lot of suggestions :-)
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