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Do you have a funeral plan?


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I think they are a scam too. I’m sure you have superannuation. Your estate will pay for funeral costs before beneficiaries receive their share. I know this because I was recently executor of my fathers estate and learned a lot about this. My father died unexpectedly and never specified in his will or when he was living what was to happen to him after his deathSo I had to make those decisions. I had no clue if he wanted a cremation or a burial for example. What he wanted done with his remains. It was extremely stressful making those decisions not knowing what he wanted. Be specific about this in your will so no one has to make those choices for you.

 Sorry for your loss ❤
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I have everything planned. It’s not in my will because the will doesn’t usually get read until after the funeral (apparently)

My ‘plan’ includes my favourite songs which my family can choose from, a list of my favourite flowers, I Have in there that I want to be buried in a white coffin (don’t care what it’s made of as long as it’s white) and don’t care where I’m buried.

It’s on an a4 page, with a note to my family telling them I love them etc. I have also written a note to my children individually. A little keepsake from their mum that they’ll hopefully look to for confidence or when they’re down.

Yes absolutely but I find most people don’t. I only have it because I own a funeral home and see the drama of not having one daily.

 How do you go about getting one? Costs involved? Where do you start?
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 Well of course you would say that...
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Can barely survive living costs let alone death at this point in time 🤔

No. But I guess I should. They are just a form of insurance I reckon.

I've been thinking of looking into a funeral bond account, but haven't got that far yet. Would like to know who else has one