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What have you done lately to spice up your sex life?

I just dropped in at home between meetings for a surprise quickie with hubby before he goes to work. Never done anything like that before! It was hot and we both loved it.


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I'm pertty sure my husband is having an impotence issue. Our sex life has almost died, and if I put on porn nothing happens down there.
So sad. We're only 30 😢

OP I’m sorry :-( that must be difficult for you both.
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 Can he see a doctor about this if you think it is medical? If you think it is porn related sometimes if someone has watched a lot of porn they have to watch very extreme varieties to continue to be aroused by it.
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 No its not from over watching porn. I think it's definitely medical.
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Shaved my legs

OP Yeah, it’s winter - I’ll think about it! Haha
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Sex in a public place, anal, oral (for me which almost never happens), remote control vibrator, porn, sex talk (I downloaded a pod cast on how to talk dirty to your man), role play.

OP Ohhh. What podcast? That sounds interesting
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Our sex life has always been quite vanilla. And quite frankly really boring. We have hit a wall recently and I’ve been trying to spice things up. I asked my husband what he wants, but he has no effing clue. Which is probably why things are so boring. So I took it upon myself and bought some sexy lingerie. Which he likes. The other day I decided I’d share my greedy girl rabbit with him because wow the orgasms I get from that all by myself. Maybe him using it on me would take it up a notch. It most certainly did!

OP That’s great!! Hopefully that will help him communicate around what he thinks might spice things up with you :-)
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