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How many tattoos do you have ?

I have one (lol) on my foot. I swore I'd never get another as it hurt so much, but find myself considering getting another 😳


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Full sleeve, back, neck, behind both ears, both feet, legs, fingers

Various designs from roses, family members names, anniversary, band related, etc

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 Why say eww? While I personally wouldn't get that many, they're a form of self expression.... I think it's great you have the confidence to rock those tats 😄 Thanks for sharing 😊
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Around 0 but I have drew on myself with perminate marker to show what a tough person I am.

 Bet you felt tough writing that.
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Both my arms are completely sleeved and have a small one on my neck, hey husband is a tattoo artist though so I guess it's not surprising!

I have one on my shoulder that is a gothic butterfly design that has little ball things at the ends of the lines (Google "purple gothic butterfly tattoo and you'll see what I'm talking about) and each of the ball things is my families birthstones. (Mum, dad, my 2 grandmothers, my 4 grandfathers (grand parents divorced and both my grandmothers got remarried before I was born, so I've got my blood grandfathers and my step-grandfathers) mine, my sister and 2 brother's. My hubby and my sisters boyfriend are paying for us to get matching tattoos soon cause she is moving to qld and I live in central West nsw, so don't know how long it's gonna be before I see her again :(. I also have a design for a tattoo with my daughter's name in it, but I haven't decided I 100% love it yet so it still needs some changes. I also eventually want to get a paw print with a heart in it for my animals. Lots of ideas, just not enough money to get them haha

I have 6, but they all have meaning I only get a tattoo if it means something very important to me and has meaning behind it I am getting 1 more then I think i'll be done :) They can all be covered for jobs etc if needed.

6 - Right ribs, centre/under breasts, right arm half sleeve, left thigh, left wrist, tops of both feet.

Urg none yuk

 Why bother answering if you dont like them. No one here needs your negative vibes.
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I have 5, I also have one on my foot and that hurt more than the others.

2 I already have the next 2 planned :)

 Ha! I read that as 21.
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I have 1 on the inside of my wrist, thinking about getting another one though.