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Deleting of comments

What is up with the SAHM mods deleting comments lately? It seems like everytime I open up a thread to read new comments, half of the old ones have been removed. I know the mods can do whatever they want and remove whatever they think should be removed but it seems like the power has gone to someone's head! The vast majority were not offensive, didn't contain curse words or were hateful in any way. Mostly they were disagreements between posters but weren't ugly. Are we not allowed to disagree with each other? We are grown wonen (and a few men) and I think most of us can handle it.


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They delete any comments calling out trolls I've noticed! E.g. There's been someone on here for a while now who posts a new story every couple days about how some inconsiderate mum or child ruined her liffeeee!! Parents and children are so annoying and shouldn't be allowed in public spaces!! But if anyone calls her out or links her to any of the other threads, their comment is removed.

 Yes. I've seen them same done. I'd like to hear a comment from the SAHM staff on that one, because as I see it it's just an attempt to get more responses on the site. A simple marketing strategy used by lots of websites. I should just change to a new forum
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Yes I agree, if I write anything that politically or in any way disagrees with the mods opinion it gets deleted. They need to hire new editors or staff for this site ASAP

SAHM Staff You should apply!
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 You would probably delete her application. ..
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I'm guessing the sahm mod that keeps deleting differing opinion posts is one of those left wing nut cases that gets offended by people who have a different point of view,
For this reason - I proudly vote NO bevause I'm sick of these left wing fascist nazis

 exactly the same reason i voted No
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 Well no, because im left wing and my political comments get deleted. They are conservative actually
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I scratch my head sometimes at the comments deleted. But some people here act from from grown mature women. Some comments are very rightly deleted.

 OP here. I agree that some deleted comments are very much justified but most are just confusing.
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Answered by SAHM Staff

Guys we only delete posts if they get reported multiple times...... Seriously....

 I commented on a thread about catching STIs was such a big fear of mine and it got deleted! How is that offensive in any way?
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 The problem is.....if it doesn't have swearing and isn't innaproriate...why are u deleting it???? They may just be reporting it because because someone else has a differing opinion so they get 'offended' It's stupid immature and ridiculous
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 Reported multiple times being two by some annoying member? Shouldn't there be a better process?
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 Do you read them first or just assume it must be deletable if it's been reported 'multiple' times?
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