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My husbands health is taking a toll on our relationship

My husband is 45 and has sore back from work and I am tired doing simple stuff for him eg stopping ironing to get him a drink
or resetting the internet

He is on light duties at work

We have a week old baby

Any tips how to improve our relationship?


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Back pain is NOT a quick fix. NOT moving will NOT help. He needs to yes, rest, but also strengthen the muscles - meaning workout and exercise - starting with tiny things - see a pyshio, osteo, take a pick.
Other things that don't help are back braces, they make the muscles lazy, having extra weight, and not moving.
Yes, it will hurt and aggravate the he starts moving/exercise, but if he does nothing, then nothing changes and he still will be in pain.
HE needs to decide to help himself. Get a doctor to tell him this.

On the fun side, if he refuses to move, just slip some laxatives into his food/drink, that will get him up repeatedly to the loo!

 Love the laxatives idea lol!
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If he is capable of light duties at work, then he can get himself some water at home. If he is so bad that he can’t look after himself, suggest a worker’s compensation claim to help pay for a carer to help out at home.

 Good advice
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 He’s in pain due to working
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 Then work should be compensating him - not you
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My partner has severe back pain and I will help him out, but I will not stop what I am doing to rush to him. If he needs my help he can wait because I'm busy. I would not be doing things like fetching him water or restarting the internet because he is more than capable doing these things himself and you rushing around and fussing over him is just going to drag out his recovery. If he's seriously that sore that he can't get himself a drink then he needs his compo reassessed and a career bought in. It should not be up to you

Has he seen a doctor for appropriate pain relief or anti-inflammatory medication or referral to any other appropriate specialists?

Having same issue now but my husband just had his right leg reconstructed but he’s taking the demands to a whole new level