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Will I make friends when my child starts kindy?

I'm wondering how common it is. I've been stuck at home the past 3 years only attending random playgroups/library time type of things and everyone already had their "groups" so I never really stuck with any of them.
I'm looking forward to kindy now because everyone keeps saying "oh you'll meet lots of other mums there" but how? Will it really happen? I don't want to get my hopes up too much


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My son started kinder last year and I didn't click with any of the mums. Then this year there was a new batch of mums and I've made a really good friend so just be open to others and see you meet :-)

I didn't at kinder but did at school.
One of the kids mums walked up to a few of us milling about. Said she was new in town and handed me peice

 Damn button!
A peice of paper with her address and said come round for coffee when your done here. 5 of us went, none of us knew each other.
Our kids are all in high school now and we still catch up once a week. Best group of girlfriends ever :)

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To be honest, I never had friends till Primary School hit.
But now my daughter is in Grade Two and those friends I made when she was in Prep are still my friends, we go to pub nights and even going on a weekend to Melbourne together.

You can join the kinder committee too. Then you meet with the other parents for longer than just pick up. But if you don't go out of your way to make a friend it's going to be harder. Bite the bullet. Join in conversations whilst the mums are milling around. Some of the mums won't be first time mums so will already have friends from kinder/school so they may seem like they're not talking to you but really they're not talking to you because they don't know you. The same reason you don't talk to them. So join in conversations. Spend time at the kinder helping the teachers so you know more about the kids. You'll be able to talk about the kids with the parents whilst waiting. It can be a good ice breaker. And join the committee. Kinder years are busy as he'll but fun too

I regularly go to playgroup and daughter is in kindy. I have a chat with mum's at group and at picke up at kindy, but unless you say hello, this is my name, would you like to come to the playground with us on.... Day it's probably not gonna happen as the other mum may not know you are looking for a friend. Go to the playgroups and things regularly and you'll feel more able to approach. Maybe just try to chat one on one instead of with a big group. I come off as a resting bitch face snob, but actually I'm quite friendly, just sleep deprived and reserved by nature!!

My son is in kindy this year. No one even says hello to me. I smile when I see familiar faces, but they either look through me or look past me. So, for me nope not a single new friend made this year.

I could've written this post lol I'm hoping the same thing when my daughter starts kindy next year!

Nope. Not in my experience. I am a working mum and I never have a moment to stop and chat. Maybe other Sahms will arrive early for pick up to chat with but don't get high hopes.

I became friends with my bestie at Kindy :-) 3 years later and we both are glad we decided we both thought eachother seemed nice! Lol. I find it takes a term for peoples shyness to wear off.. Snd a birthday party or 2 helps too! Be smiley and friendly to all and try to get to kindy on time in the morning and 10 mins early for pickup. Its gives you time for a chat and get to know other mums. If the majority it is first time kindy mums then I think you'll have more chance of forming friendships. eg... This is my 3rd kindy year and altho I'm not looking for friendships this year, there is a big group of mums that go to the local primary school and all have kids in grade 1 and this year it is their 2nd child at kindy. So they tend to stick together.