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Do you think your a good mum?

My friend and I got to talking tonight after she said she doesn't think she is a good mum. She's been having a rough time after the birth of her second child. It really made me wonder how many mums out there think they aren't a good mum. I know there are certain time that we don't feel like a good mum but overall what do you think about yourself as a mother?


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I'm not in the running for Mother of the Year but I am a pretty good Mum. I no my short comings as a Mother (and as a person) and either own them or work on them. My kids are great kids and I am proud of the job that I have done.

 I agree with this
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 Same same!
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Sometimes I do awesome craft activities with them or bake cookies together. Sometimes I stay up late making nice healthy lunches for them or fixing some toy they broke. Sometimes they hug me and tell me they love me and everything's awesome.

Sometimes I give them cold tinned spaghetti for tea in front of the telly while I lay flaked out on the couch playing with my phone just because I can't be bothered. Sometimes I lose my temper and yell at them, or deliberately ignore them.

Hopefully it evens out and they'll remember the good stuff.

 Love your honesty
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I once was told, if you were worried if you’re a good mum, you are 😊

The majority of time i am a great mum. Kids are close. Got through the teenage years with no dramas. However there are sometimes when i could hear myself and was horrified at the way i spoke to them and i am so ashamed. I just hope that there was enough good to over come the bad.

 My kids are still only young and I hear myself sometimes and am horrified. Don't know how to change it though when I get so caught up in frustration etc in the moment.
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I think I'm a good Mum, sometimes I wish I had more patience than I have though, I get frustrated pretty quickly when they start playing up.

 Me too!
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There are many things in life that I am not good at but I know I am a good mum. I’m not perfect but
no one else is either.

I think we have to stop measuring our parenting skills based on our childrens behaviour or how well they do at school or sport. This is what makes parents feel like they have failed. Bad parents don't have bad children, just like good parents don't necessarily have good children.

I think I'm not. i feel like I emotionally abuse my kids. I probably don't but I hear my mums anger coming out of my mouth sometimes. She was an emotional abuser. I love her forever and she didn't mean it she just had a bad temper and she was very strongly opinionated. Her way or the highway. I hate myself every time I yell at my kids like she yelled at me. I have that same bad temper but I'm no where near opinionated like she is. At least I don't smack my kids like she smacked us. They do get the rare tap on the butt when needed but my mum use to smack us on the bum with wooden spoons, brushes and belts, and it wasn't one hit. Couldn't sit the next day.

 You're doing your best. Life is quite stressful these days and if we were at some Buddhist retreat with a village raising us we'd be better parents but we aren't. You are self aware enough and that's so important. My dad just wasn't there for me but he knows it and the conversations we have as adults make me see that's it's all ok and that life is just like that. My mum was an alcoholic and I can understand where you are coming from- parenting is tough! Goodluck, try get some more rest and be kinder to yourself
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Most days I don’t, but I think that’s just my PND getting the best of me. Sometimes I do need the validation that yes, I’m a good mother, I think we all need it, sometimes. We’re our own worst critics.

Im being the best mum i can be. I don't always get it right.
My kids teacher said that she can tell that my girls love their mum, so i must be doing something right

I know I’m a great mum because my kids tell me all the time 😊. Seriously tho, I have beautiful happy children who know they are loved. They may not have all the latest gadgets their friends have, but they know I’m there for them 100% and that’s what’s important. I know lots of awesome mums who don’t think they’re great mums. They are.

I think I am yes. I think I know my kids needs well and get them like no one else.

NOt great. Not bad. Somewhere in the middle. Which I guess is mediocre.

EDIT: I know it was supposed to say you're not your in the title. Before the grammar nazis turn up.