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Due to certain things in our relationship we don't have sex but oral on him only. After 30 minutes I start to tire, Any advice on how to speed it up, if i increase the speed if complains


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What about your needs babe?

 Yeah, what about your needs!
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 I don't have needs despite expressing I want certain things there is always reasons why we can't have sex
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 If you're expressing fairly reasonable desires and he's coming up with excuses to fulfill none of them, there are much bigger issues here (and I'm not saying that's your fault). Would you be happy to stay like this for the next 3 months? 1 year? 5 years? What would you do if nothing changed? You're allowed to have sexual wants, needs and desires, and you shouldn't be banned from ever having these satisfied. That sounds cruel of him.
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 It is cruel. My hubby has done this to me too (although I never gave out free bj’s) but he rejected me for porn. If your ok with it than that’s fine. But if your not do something about it now.
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Oral for 30min? Wtf? My hubby is lucky to have a 5min BJ!

Use your hands on the shaft, either at the same time as your mouth or instead of to give your mouth a break. Play with his balls. Consider introducing some kind of butt play, whether gently rubbing outside/around his butt or eventually going internal. Butt stuff is something you may have to introduce slowly as some guys feel funny about this.

Also, TALK TO HIM. Tell him that you can't bring him to climax solely by oral in a timeframe that works for you; 30 mins is a LONG time to do oral, and it is bloody tiring for your jaw. TALK TO HIM, be honest that it's tiring, and you love him and want him to enjoy oral but you can't just suck his dick for 30 mins because it's not working for you (and sex should work for both of you, whatever sex looks like in your relationship). Ask him for ideas, ask him to work his own c**k for a bit to help himself along, work together to figure out what to do.

I’m so curious as to what’s so wrong with your relationship that only he gets his sexual needs met?

Do your normal action then after 5 minutes suck hard on under part of the tip of the penis. Don't let him shake you off. Suck as hard as you can..job done

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 I already do that but no matter what it takes him about 30-40 minutes to cum
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 Then let him f**k your mouth. If you don't have a bad gag reflex then get him to hold your head still and he thrusts in your mouth. That takes alot of trust though so like the other lady said - talk to find out what would work for you both.
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If he wont give any to you he shouldn't get any from you. That's not right sorry.

Pay a prositute or aslk a mutual friend to go down on you while you give head. He will get off with the view and your distracted with your own pleasure

 A mutual friend? How on earth do you bring that up? But I do like the idea..
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Put ice in your mouth or rock candy while you suck him off.