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Baby solids questions

Hi everyone,

At what age did you start your baby on solids?


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It doesn't matter what other people did, start your baby when they're ready.

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Depending on what country you're in the advice will generally be to start between 4 and 6 months, depending on baby's signs of readiness, but no later than 6 months (barring medical conditions which would stop baby being able to eat solids, but if your baby is in this medical condition you'd be talking to specialists about this anyway). You can also talk to baby's GP or nurse at one of their checkups, or check your state/country's recommendations (don't rely on bloggers or anonymous message boards).

But to answer your specific question, both of my kids (currently 3 and 5 years) started at 4 months old. We mostly did "baby led weaning" (BLW) and it worked well for us and them.

6 months for both of mine. I did a combination of baby lead weaning and spoon feeding. It worked well for us.

5 months but it took a long time for them to take too it. Don’t stress there is a saying “” food before one is just for fun” let them play with it and taste it on their own and don’t be too fussed with how much they eat

 Please ignore the saying food before one is just for fun. Lots of kids end up sick because of it.
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5 months for all of mine. They all had reflux so that was doctors advice. They all showed signs of being ready at that age. Took it slow, no dramas :)