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How do you have phone sex

Answered 2 years ago

My bf is away and we facetime daily. He has asked to see me via facetime whilst I mastrubate with my vibrator. He wants a proper view of the vibrator inside me
Im a bit self conisce..

Have you had phone sex?

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2 years ago
I’d be worried he’d share it with someone else? Do you trust him?


2 years ago

2 years ago
Maybe start with sexting and sending xx pics and once you feel confident with that move onto phone sex and then FaceTime sex. Sexting is so very hot, and you also have all of it to read back on for... inspiration when the need arises

2 years ago
I recently did with my new guy as he is working away right now and it was so much fun. Don’t be self conscious just go for it. I was so scared but he loved it and said it was awesome.