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Answered 4 months ago

Me and my partner have been together a long time and yet to of had sex there is definitely the want but we have not found a position that works for us. I am BBW and my partner is also quite large when ever I try to straddle him there is the issue of the penis not entering the vagina. Has anyone got any positions to recommend as the ones we have tried are not working for us. We desperately want to become parents but in order for that to happen sex needs to happen which hasn't happened yet

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4 months ago
Doggie? He could lift his tummy & yours wouldn’t be in the way.

4 months ago
I would suggest seeing a doctor/gyno. If his penis can't enter your vagina it needs to be seen to x


4 months ago
It isn’t that it can’t It is due to the fact we are both on the larger size so looking for sex positions to allow sex to happen