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Online counselling

Answered 8 months ago

I have decided that I am in need of counselling. I have a lot of past trauma to work through and it is impacting my day to day life.
Is there such thing as bulk billed or subsidised counselling online? I am not at the point I feel comfortable doing this face to face with someone.

Please be kind in your responses. I know it’s a long shot that this exists.
Thank you

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8 months ago
Check with your workplace, or famiky members workplace. Often Peoplesense counselling services is free through a workplace and for family members.
I used them for my son. Three, 1 hr sessions of over the phone chats and he was so much better and hasnt needed them since.


8 months ago
Thank you, I can get counselling for up to 3 sessions with my workplace. I just feel like maybe I will need a lot more than that.
I appreciate your reply. Won’t know unless I try I guess!

8 months ago
Sometimes they extend the number above 3. Off your needs are great. Look for bulk billed psychologists through a mental health care plan from your doctor too. Many offer Telehealth these days via phone or zoom

8 months ago
Sorry, i I sgoukd have said, maybe ring Peoplesense and ask if your workplace is covered by them. The workplace gets the bill. But it is all anonymous. The workplace will just be told they have been used xx amount of tines and here is the bill. Will never know it is you using them.