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So much help, advice, links, discussiin etc on home schooling through this time but what about those of us with high school kids??

The younger high school kids are really struggling and need a lot of help. Especially the year 7s who haven't even gotten through a term of high school. So much is already so new and this is huge for them! Older high school kids can get on with stuff on their own easily enough, but craft projects and games dont really cut it aa education for year 7s and 8s. Yes the school is suppling some stuff but it varies a lot between teachers


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I have a grade 7 child, the school told us for term 2 they must do their 4 core classes every week day for an hour each starting at 9am and they suggested the kids wake up, have breakfast, pack their own lunch for the day, get ready and even wear their uniform to keep a routine (which I think is a bit OTT lol). They can either do their classes online or in paper form, I read the notice to my child and she wants to do exactly what they've suggested. It's going to be freaking weird haha

 Hahaha. I love her attitude 💜
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I’ve asked this so many times. All the info seems to be for younger primary school kids ie, let them play, let them cook dinner, read them a book. My kids are year 7 and year 10 and they need to do set school work. They cannot afford to let their education slip. I can’t help with the year 10 work because I don’t know what it’s all about. The teachers are setting work but the kids need guidance and actual teaching.

OP Exactly!! Mine are in the same years at high school as yours. Im spending hours every day with my yr helping her. Which is fine, but I've got no idea how kids are managing that don't have a parent around during the day to help
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