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Tummy tuck and boob job how much and in qld please lost 78kg

Answered 2 years ago

Tummy tuck and boob job how much and in qld please lost 78kg
Looking for prices and names
And I have bupa no idea how much but I’ve been in pain with rashes and really painful marks from pulling thank you

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2 years ago
Had both but years ago, so cost will have changed too much to be relevant.
Both are major operations, so they probably won’t let you have both at once.
I would advise against that anyway, as recovery from tummy tuck is really tough.
You cannot lift anything heavier than a pound of butter. If you do the cut will tear, and believe me, it is agonising. I have a high pain threshold but I was in tears, even with pain relief.
First step, get a referral letter, from your GP, saying that you need the operations for health reasons. Get a separate letter for each ( tummy tuck & breast reduction, with lift). That should not be a problem.

With costs, get quotes for surgeon & hospital & anaesthetist. Through your surgeons admin people.
Then talk to your health insurance about what you will get back from them.
There is usually only a Medicare refund for a very small part of the anaesthetists fees, and nothing from Health Insurance.
Anaesthetists fees can cost almost as much as the surgeon.
Basically, if the operation has a Medicare number, it will be eligible for health insurance rebate ( for surgeon and for hospital operating theatre & hospital overnight.
You may get 100% back, but check with health insurer about any exclusions you have, or anything you have agreed to to reduce your health care fees, like maybe you paying for the first hospital night.
Both those ops are for obesity, and have Medicare numbers.
Your surgeons admin people should be able to give you those numbers. Make sure you have those numbers.
Sometimes Govt reclassify operations to remove their eligibility for rebate.

If you get an early morning operation time, you can avoid an overnight stay, which cuts costs. I always insisted on a booking for being first cab off the rank in the morning.

Surgeons admin should also give you a several page handout describing the operation, everything you have to do before, and aftercare.
You must have someone to stay with you and look after you, for a few days after the tummy tuck.
Hope that helps.


2 years ago
I would add, insist on a plastic surgeon NOT a cosmetic surgeon. Plastic surgeons know how bodies are structured and work, and therefore how to cut them and rebuild them properly.
If you can get a surgeon who was military trained and experienced, they really do know how to rebuild bodies. And that results in a better cosmetic result anyway.
You don’t want to land up on Botched !
In fact, I recommend you watch Botched, to see what can go wrong.

2 years ago
Sorry I can't answer that but congrats on your weight loss. What an amazing achievement ❤️