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At what age do kids get mobile phones these day???


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When they can pay for them. My kids have old crap phones they can call us on, but if they want proper phone with all the crap that goes with it they can pay for it.

My children got mobiles when they were 16 this was also the age they were allowed facebook.

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Isn't it funny it's ok to give a child a tablet, laptop or an ipod but goodness me, not a phone. Because phones are different somehow.

 I'm the one who has a 15 yo.
None of my kids have ever owned a tablet or iPad or computer

On occasion the could use our computer but that's it.

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 Most kids have a tablet or something, even see babies on them. There's no difference as far as capabilities go, but people still think phones are not for kids, but will happily give their 3 year old an ipad. I think it stems back to the 90's and early 2000's when phones were just starting to become popular but still had a bit of a posh/rich stigma around it. Then some people would give them to their kids and it would cause an uproar, like spoilt child what on earth do they need a mobile phone for? Some attitudes have not really moved on from that.
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 How can a 15 year old not have any IT? Our kids had ipads for school at 9 and computers are a forced purchase from year 7? Or was this years ago?
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 I told them if an iPad is a school requirement then they can pay for it my child isn't allowed technology ... they provided him with the school one for his lessons.

Have a quick search and see if any of the top mac people let their kids on them?
Know why cos they know all their research which everyone else seems to ignore as hippy talk.

Have a quick look around at all the mindless adults completely addicted and glued to their technology
Myself including I regularly detox off it...
and we're giving that to KIDS ?!

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 School i went to issued homework via the internet. You werent allowed to submit hand written assignments. It was an instant fail on the criteria sheet. Your kid would not pass at the school i went to if you didn't have one for them to use. If you complained they'd tell you its essential they have 1 at home for them to use.
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 Or you could find another school.
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 Yes they tried that too my kid only does homework if he chooses anyways so it wasn't an issue he just stopped handing in homework...
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 You sound like a teachers dream 😳
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 Yuuup. My kids do 6 hours a day at school!! Then they want to give them 1-2 hours at home most nights!! Stuff that!!!
My kids did Steiner for first years till we moved... all of them get top marks. None do much homework- my middle does do the most as she loves it.
Honestly why we accept it is beyond me!!
My kids leave the house by 730... get home at 4.. on week nights that leaves just 2 hours in winter to do surfing, playing at the local courts, getting to friends homes and back (they bike most every where)
I'd be ok if it was 10/15 minutes of revision but it's not! So I give them the choice- they choose surfing/ hanging at the courts 10/10 times usually. With the expception of an interesting project.

Sorry but if you can't teach my kid while you got him you need to smarten up. It's my job to teach manners and lifestyle. I get them for about 1-4/ 14 hours theyre awake, I'm not giving more to school that already takes its own 5!!!

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 We don't have lap tops computers iPads tablets ps3-4 nothing like that my son uses computer at school and will take a phone with him if out with mates only has 2 number stored in it and ,$10 credit its older style so no internet on it... The only people that have a phone is me and hubby that has out Internet.. Once he turn 15 then he will have his own phone
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 Wouldn't that be a 2G phone, I don't think they work anymore
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 How old are your kids? Really not sure how they are supposed to pass year 11 and 12 biology/chemistry/maths without doing it on a computer. We didn't have opportunity to do much of our assignments in class for those subjects (as in the in class lessons were learning the course content and doing experiments for us to then go home and do the assigmments)

Even the trade classes had write up components that had to be done on a computer in your own time.

You need good computer skills for a lot of jobs these days.

Not saying they need their own. I only graduated in 2012 and dad, my sister and I all had to share a computer, but we had access to 1.

I got my 1st job at 14 and paid for my own phone and walked to iga to buy my own phone credit. (I also walked to work on account that both my parents worked)

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 I already said on occasion they could use our computer.
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 Homework is just painful. I set an amount of time they are allowed to do homework (I mean actually doing the homework not stuffing around trying to waste time). The amount of time goes up with age, its roughly just reading plus 10 mins other stuff for the first few years. Once in year 7 it's about 30 mins plus reading. I think it's about balance, homework and relaxing are equally important.
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 Because a kid can rack up a massive bill with a mobile phone!
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My girls got their mobiles the Christmas before they started highschool.
And even then they are my old iPhones that I have kept when upgrading. One is an iPhone 5 the other a 5S

I myself had a phone at the age of 14 my dad gave it to me to keep in touch as i lived with my grandmother. Im now 33 and my 14 year old has had hers for a year. My reason for this is she used to go to school 20km away from home. Now she is a 10 min walk but she has it for safty. She has had to use it quite a few times. Once she had a guy following her she rang me and stayed on the phone until she was home. All good not wanting kids to have technology but safty comes first for me.

My daughter when she started high school because she walks home from school. My son 10 so our babysitter can pick him up from school. He calls her at the school pick up zone and she drives the car down when he is there.

When you decide to give them one. Unless of course they're sneaking out at night to work the night shift and paying for it themselves!

I think it really depends on your family, school and community situation. Some kids need to be contactable earlier than others. Some families can afford to give them to kids at earlier ages and some parents find it relieves their stress then they are away from their children. Phones have more functions that they use to. Email, camera, GPS and games to name a few. I don't think we should judge each other on our different life situations and choices we make for our own children.

Personally I give my kids a pre-paid SIM card around 12. However all my kids had old IPhones from when I upgraded to play games on, but that's would suited our home life.

In Australia schools no longer buy computers because the Abbott government cancelled the "computers in schools program". If your child does not have a laptop computer from year 7 that they can have the school program loaded onto by the IT department of the school, to do their homework on, to submit their assignments, to access their homework from, then they WILL inevetably fail subjects and fall behind. Australian schools are no longer obligated to supply computers to students. Some schools are still loaning some to students for use at school, but this means they must complete their homework in breaks, and in a couple of years when these computers all fail and become outdated, parents will be REQUIRED to purchase a laptop for their child. Having a computer at home will not be adequate.

 Thereby making education a privilidge not a right
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 That wasnt in very long then. I still remember in when i was in grade 8 in 2008 when it got brought in. Our school upgraded from box computers running windows 98 to flat screens and laptops.
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 Yup, and the school I teach at pretty much has EVERYTHING on their version of online diary...I upload all missed work, homework reminders, notices...everything. My photocopy budget is tiny so I try to have all work as a digital version. The amount of students I have across all levels I teach that still do not have computers, means I have kids who are so far behind because they can't access work in all subjects. But, now that they have to supply their own devices that they are looking after them and not treating them like garbage. The amount of school provided laptops that got broken from horrendous treatment (throwing them, hitting them, dropping them with their books) because they "were crap computers anyway" was phenomenal. The techies always had mountains of broken computers...then computers that parents wouldn't pay to get fixed so kids had no computers anyway. I have more kids with computers than without now because their parents would kill them if they broke them!
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In my son's case he has a very serious medical condition so as soon as he is old enough to use a phone he will have one. I'll pay for it. I really don't see what the big deal is.

My son was 10 - it was a hand me down from when we upgraded ... he trains tae kwon do 2 nights a week (and we can't stay and watch) so we got it for safety .. it does not go to school (he has an iPad with I message if there is an emergency.. my 6 year old daughter has had an iPad for several years ...

Grade 11. No tablets but the high school were my children go still supply a computer to all high school kids.

My 7 year old tells people he has a phone. His Nana gave him a really old Samsung which has no sim and internet so he uses it to take photos or play angry birds!